1/3 of coastal Alabama population “would move to another community if they could” — 71% say “permanent ecological damage to the Gulf”

Poll: Coastal Alabamians fear oil spill caused permanent damage to Gulf, Press-Register, October 14, 2010:

71 percent of respondents believe that the BP oil spill caused permanent ecological damage to the Gulf of Mexico. …

61 percent said that the spill has had a negative impact on their household.

38 percent disagreed with the statement that seafood from spill-affected areas is safe to eat.

32 percent said they would move to another community if they could.

*Poll facts: 412 people surveyed by telephone in Southern Alabama south of I-10 from September 9-27, by USA Polling Group.


The sampling is part of a larger academic study by Steve Picou, a sociology professor at the University of South Alabama who has examined the impacts of the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska for more than 20 years, and Duane Gill of Oklahoma State University.

“It’s obvious that people in south Mobile County believe there has been damage and the damage is serious,” Picou said. “The spill has really impacted them in a very significant way.”

After the Exxon Valdez spill, the rates of suicide, domestic violence and divorce soared in the areas most affected… Picou and local health officials have expressed concern that the same is ahead for Gulf communities…

12 comments to 1/3 of coastal Alabama population “would move to another community if they could” — 71% say “permanent ecological damage to the Gulf”

  • Dixie

    And the silence from the MSM is DEAFENING! Sorry but the rest of the Nation has been conditioned to look down on the Southern States. If you research History it is very biased and mostly unfounded. Not one slave ship docked in the South! We are hard working people that just want to earn a living. Nothing fancy, just a job, house, education for the kids and food on the table. The Gulf coast residents are having their health and pride ripped from them and no one seems to care! Having to take handouts or depend on the government is something we DO NOT want. We want to earn our way. It’s a matter of pride. BP and the Fed is taking that away and it makes me SICK! God watch over the Gulf Coast!

  • Dixie,

    Bias is everywhere and against almost everyone. The Southern States may suffer more discrimination than others, but the North Easteners have their biases against each other — and others as well.

    Two branches of one family may feel strong bias against the other. Two kids from two different families may have biases against one another. Different groups have biases against one another.

    You said, [“… The Gulf coast residents are having their health and pride ripped from them and no one seems to care! Having to take handouts or depend on the government… we do not want.”]

    We have false beliefs concerning blondes, redheads, skinheads, chubby girls, Twiggy girls, stay-at-home moms, CEO moms, smokers, non-smokers….

    However, a government must never, never allow bias to seep into it’s function and purpose. Corporations and governments do not have that privilege. Yes Dixie. It is a matter of pride.

    God be with you.

  • People are sick and the CDC is long gone. Everyone is explaining this away and sweeping it under the rug. Ecocide and Genocide. These words have to be used.

    Goddess help us!

  • C.Dodds

    What is the significance of the position ‘south of I-10’? How far from the coast of Alabama is this boundary of the survey?

  • Billy Dale

    IMHO the energy cartel wanted the coastal regions of LA & AL for drilling and what an innovative way to accomplish just that.

    No enviornment means no enviornmentalists.
    No people means green light for drilling.

  • Corexit spraying is illegal

    Amen, Dixie!! I don’t live there, but I love the Gulf and its warm, rich culture. Not to mention the (former) biodiversity and scenery!!…I do think the South needs to be less passive and call on the rest of the nation!!! An attack on them is an attack on all 50 states. They need to start demanding law enforcement and attention as if they were in L.A. or New York (i.e. 9/11). This disaster is causing far worse damage than 9/11. We need that patriotism now!! Billy Dale makes a good point on the modus operandi of Big Oil.

  • Canuck

    Oh they already got the green light, the moratorium was lifted 3 days ago. I knew that would happen when BP was allowed to tie the compensation escrow fund to their continued profits in the Gulf. With oil at $83/bbl and rising it’s a given. Profit uber allus. Environmentalists are irrelevant, the corporatocracy throws a bone to them to placate the public and mortgages the bone to the IMF before hand.

  • Corexit spraying is illegal

    It’s also worthy of note that people watching this unfold from traditional allied nations like France, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Australia become extremely upset and see the Gulf disaster as an attack against our entire nation. They see a good ally being ravaged and become impassioned to defend us. They see clearly. We need to respond and act accordingly.

  • ghana

    What’s up B & B nothing to comment on Corexit spray is illegal? His/er comment on defending ourselves with the blessing of patriots of foreign nations; sounds like revolution, no? BP’s or the Gooberments check bounce this week?

  • sam

    a wee bit off-topic, but i thought this might make you feel a little bit better…

    a recent survey on cities with the best/worst sex lives was pretty revealing and hilarious: 2 of the best sex cities were in the South, but ALL of the worst sex cities were nestled up in the New England states!


  • ghana,

    I know corexit is illegal. I know that the purposeful killing of even one human being is illegal (abortion is murder). I know that telling people the food and water are safe is illegal in view of the fact that it is not. It’s all about payouts and money — and that’s illegal. Our Constitution makes it illegal.

    I know that there are particular “bills” and “acts” signed into law that give any corporation, or the military — all four branches, the right to experiment on American citizens without our consent or knowledge; especially if the chermical/weapon will be used against another nation.

    I could go-on-and-on. We all know.

  • Dixie

    Sam thanks for the laugh! I needed it. I have been following this pretty closely. To others with regard to the environmentalists, for the most part as with all things that start out as good, it has been hijacked by those that want to control every aspect of our lives and make money doing it. I certainly do not hear much from them with regard to the suffering in the Gulf States. Do you know that the UN refers to humans as STOCK!? Those of us that do not want to depend on the government are now vilified and labeled as terrorists! I have never seen so much insanity in my life as there is today. People are being taught to NOT use their brain and their common sense! Well, sorry, I am like the otter. I want to KNOW what is happening. How can I protect my family if I do not know what is coming? If I have one word of advice it is to be like the otter, be curious, find out what is REALLY happening! Don’t be caught with your pants down!

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