173 ppm oil found in sand at Southwest Florida beach — Siesta Key near Sarasota (LAB RESULTS)

*UPDATE from Sept. 24* See: ALL KINDS of sea birds PARALYZED and DEAD around Longboat Key, very close to Siesta Key  — Doctors raise DISPERSANT… A few miles from where 173 ppm oil found in sand (VIDEO)

Sarasota Water/Sand Tests, www.testingthewater.org, September 22, 2010:

Summary of Testing

  • Sample taken: Sept. 14, 2010
  • Location: Siesta Key Beach, FL near high tide line
  • Type of sample: Sand
  • Lab: Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory (Alabama)
  • Result: 173 mg/kg (ppm) of total petroleum hydrocarbons

Lab Results

Sayer Ji of www.testingthewater.org: The hydrocarbons are “concentrating in the sand… to toxic levels.”

It should be noted that the Siesta Key/Sarasota area is also the first place on Florida’s west coast that would be impacted by the BP oil disaster according to several models put out by the federal government.


From the NOAA website, Physical Oceanographic Division, Monitoring the Gulf of Mexico Conditions During the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill:

Lagrangian Coherent Structures

Monitoring the Gulf of Mexico Conditions During the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, NOAA, August 1-31, 2010:


26 comments to 173 ppm oil found in sand at Southwest Florida beach — Siesta Key near Sarasota (LAB RESULTS)

  • maryanne jacobsen

    Sad. I knew it was here. This is horrible news for tourism as this beach has always made the top 10 in the nation and I think it was #1 just a few years ago. Really pitiful what the monster BP has done to so many people’s lives, health and livelihoods.

  • It was only a matter of time before we started seeing this in the greater Tampa Bay area.

    This find is going to have a devastating impact on this coast’s economy.


  • How many innocent children built sand castles there, and how many of those are still well?

  • Betsy S.

    I’m thinking that it’s probably inevitable that this sh!t is probably going to make it to the East Coast- if it hasn’t already.

    Saw a story that thousands of dead fish washed up on Wildwood, NJ on 9/20….

    Don’t know what to think. How far will it reach?

  • Billy Dale

    what about the water table, power plants and desalination plants, if any ?

  • D. Thomas

    It’s a crying shame that it’s illegal and too dangerous to build sandcastles anymore! I have two beautiful children who love the beach as much as I do. I am heartbroken for them!

    Sadly, we only went to the beach two times this summer; once to the Gulf and once to the Atlantic. We thought we would beat the oil/dispersant to the beach and we could say goodbye. Those were the best and worst days at the beach I ever had!

    At first we thought our 3 year old was safe to play in the water and sand. But, we were wrong! The day after the beach he woke up covered in what looked like mosquito bites. My husband said they were from the oil but I didn’t agree. This is Florida where the mosquito is our state bird; it was so soon after the pipe broke.

    The red bumps turned into sores that took weeks to heal. Just as the sores healed, we went to St. Augustine… the exact same thing happened again. Now I do not believe for a second they were mosquito bites! I didn’t see one mosquito that day and his sores looked just like those I’ve since seen here. He asks to go to the beach nearly everyday and I don’t know what to say. He still has the scars and I worry if that is the worst of it.

    I know this is nothing compared to what thousands are going through but it just goes to show, a fun-filled day at the beach is far from safe! How can our government tell us the seafood is safe?!!

    Corporate America needs to get off their duff, tell the truth and make things right!

  • Betsy S.

    I live in the Mid-Atlantic and a local grocery store chain plays recorded announcements while you shop that they are selling “Texas Gulf Shrimp” ( it’s no longer simply called Gulf Shrimp, as it always has been)that has been rigorously tested and affirmed by NOAA.

  • Fight Corporate Corruption

    Here’s a great resource for the TRUTH:

    The OIL SPILL CRISIS MAP is a partnership between Tulane University and the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, and allows Gulf Coast residents to share personal accounts of oil sightings, health problems, suspicious odors and other relevant information with the public.

    You can clearly see the extent and kinds of the DAMAGE in the Gulf. View the Oil Spill Crisis Map here: http://www.oilspill.labucketbrigade.org/

    Click on “BP Oil Spill” and you can see the locations of: oil in the water, oil on shore, odor, health effects, harmed marine wildlife, other wildlife, property damaged by oil, threatened livelihood, community organizing and meetings, and other topics.

    We need to keep this tragedy in the media and visible every day.

  • jec

    And BP tells the public–you can get the SAND in your mouth! Its “safe”. Anyone see the families of US and BP bigwigs playing on the beaches along the Gulf Coast? But vacations in Spain, and in the Northeast US –that’s where they are going. Do they know something WE have not been told? Why don’t they visit the beaches, spend dollars in the USA, and help the economy of the Gulf!

  • carole

    this isn’t even close to order. Just watched a youtube vid by pcolagreg about BP giving million+ $$ for FL to advertise that beaches are “cleaner than before the spill”. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH OR SAFETY, instead being more concerned with keeping “tourism dollars” coming in and avoiding a full-scale panic, which is what would happen if the sheeple got wind of this.

  • carole

    sorry, typo: this isn’t even close to OVER!

  • Betsy S.,

    Please go to the link below to see where the oil is, and take-my-word for it, some areas look better than what I saw previously.


    The website indicates it’s a “LIVE SHIP MAP” — and it is, but it is also is a oil flow map. IMHO. Why else would the black stream be there, or the blobs (inland and shoreline)?

    The “satellite” imaging selection will assure that you will be able to *see* the track the oil traveled as it went up the East Coast, as well as inland where it entered many lakes. The oil is the black color in the ocean, in the rivers, lakes….

    A good starting point is where BP Horizon exploded, but you can start anywhere on the USA map.

  • Betsy S.

    Biscuit, Thanks.

    (Seems funny addressing someone as “Biscuit”!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Science & reality, anyone?

    If you can’t afford the full treatment for hydrocarbon poisoning at a Center, here’s a preview:



  • TC

    The good news here is that the test used was TPH, which stands for TOTAL petroleum hydrocarbons. This test detects all petroleum and mineral oil products derived from petroleum (hence the T for total), not just the ones that would be present in the BP oil fiasco. Baby oil is almost 100% mineral oil so it would contain a TPH concentration of approximately 1 million parts per million. So by applying this logic, baby oil is over 5000 times more contaminated with TPH than the sand on Sarasota Beach. Suntan oil also contains mineral oil. Is there any chance that the sand at Sarasota Beach could have been exposed to suntan oil?

    There are analytical methods that only detect the hydrocarbons that may have come from the BP spill. TPH is NOT one of them. Ironically, the lab results show that this sample was analyzed using method EPA 418.1 IR. This is a valid method, but it was replaced in most labs years ago with method 1664. Method 418.1 IR was replaced because it requires releasing Freon into the sample as a solvent. Freon destroys the ozone when released.

    It’s nice to see that folks are concerned with the environment and unhappy with BP’s response. At the same time it is sad to see a “reporter” spin factual laboratory data into such untrue statements and equally sad that people will so blindly believe it. This is more likely to work in BPs favor by discrediting real science.

  • Genocide. What they are doing, their lack of action, their lies is GENOCIDE! It is killing us and wildlife. “oh cause of money blah blah blah” Who GIVES a flying #$#% about money! THESE are human beings! THIS IS OUR HOME PLANET! This is our wildlife they WE are supposed to PROTECT! Not utilize for our monetary gains.

    The world is ruled by dominating psychos. We NEED to get rid of them!
    Once they’ve gotten rid of us, they can begin a new race of better, stupider sheep. Starting with our children in school with our already corrupt learning system. http://www.sott.net/articles/show/214613-California-Students-get-Implanted-Tracking-Devices

    America IS NOT a free country. And no wonder they call it the “American Dream”… You have to be asleep to live it.

    WAKE UP people! Take back your home and get rid of those who threaten our home with their greed.

  • Dave Corela

    Compliments to TC for clarifying the test results.

    Understanding the full picture is a bit more comforting.(Sarasota Beach)

    We also need to remember to stay connected to Source through all of this.

  • TC?

    BP shill, what is the half life of baby oil? And who uses baby oil at the beach anymore? Go back to the farm boy!

  • TC

    Lets play a little game with math. Check the ingredient list on a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil (the list is available on Amazon). The first ingredient (i.e. the most common ingredient) is mineral oil. Just to be conservative let’s assume that this stuff is only 50% mineral oil so an 8 ounce bottle of tanning oil would contain 4 ounces of 100% mineral oil. Ok, hang on, here we go:

    4 fluid ounces = 118 cubic centimeters (look up the conversion if you don’t trust me)
    Density of mineral oil = 8 grams per cubic centimeter (per Wikipedia)
    Therefore 4 fluid ounces of mineral oil = 944 grams (118 cc * 8 g/cc)

    Now how much sand could a 944 gram spill of Hawaiian Tropic contaminate to 173 parts per million?
    Remember parts per million = milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg)

    944 grams = 944,000 mg
    944,000 mg/173 mg = 5,456

    So to get a concentration of 173 mg/kg we would have to mix 944,000 mg of Hawaiian Tropic into 5,466 kg of sand. (944,000mg/5,465kg = 173 mg/kg)

    Now 5,456 kg = 12,004 pounds (2.2 lb/kg) = 6 tons (2,000lb/ton).
    So 4 ounces of mineral oil from sunscreen could contaminate 6 tons of sand to a concentration of 173 ppm.

    Now that’s a lot more sand than this farm boy can haul in his half-ton pickup truck. We get pretty good at math counting the cows when they come home at the end of each day.

    Now there are very simple laboratory methods that would detect only the petroleum products that would be associated with an oil spill and ignore products like mineral oil. They cost about the same as the TPH analysis. Why aren’t the results of this analysis presented? Were the folks that collected this “data” too clueless to purchase the correct test, or were the correct tests performed but the results were not dramatic enough to whip everyone into a frenzy?

    BP loves this stuff. The more people that are excited about a meaningless test means the more people that aren’t paying attention to the real problem. I would love to see BP pay for every bit of damage they caused both to the environment and to people that were affected and then ship BP’s butt back to Brittan. The stuff in this alert works in BPs favor by diverting people’s attention from the real problem (hey! look at this!). It’s almost like this citizen’s initiative is actually working for BP.

  • TC

    I should add that there is very real possibility BP spill oil has or will reach west Florida beaches and if I lived in the area I would be checking for oil contamination myself. Citizens should absolutely be concerned and should be monitoring the situation. But do it with real data and know what that data means. It’s not any harder to get meaningful data than it was to collect the data presented in this alert. This alert has already discredited this citizen’s coalition with environmental scientists (the ones NOT working for BP).

  • JT

    I believe that 173mg is more than enough to cause bodily harm. For instance, with dioxin it would only take about 1.5 mg (the mass of an “O” on a printed magazine page) to kill an average human.

    With that in mind, people should remember SOMETHING is killing the birds. And, as the makeup of Corexit, is a trade secret we may never know exactly what that is.

  • sam

    why are we not taking to the streets, with the State attorney Generals, other Gulf Nations, and our trustworthy Nonprofit environmental groups leading the charge legally?

    As long as we are passive….they will not give up and tell the truth or take BP out of control….

    It is like having the mass murderer escape prison, then expecting him to come back in, pay back folks, admit what he did while out, put himself back in prison, while knocking on the gate and showing ID to come in, and then, serving extra time without the courts telling him to for what else he did.

    Put them on trial and keep asking until the truth comes out.
    Not since tobacco, the test run, have the people demanded truth in the avenues we have available by law.

    I cannot do it myself…no one can. How do we get this started to unveil the wizard behind the curtain and control things ourselves….like, we would NOT have used corexit, we would have used microbes and grasses, and oil collecting rigs, and stopped this….planting one oceanic windmill for every hole int he ocean floor…..no more irresponsible decisions! Act like it is our home!

    Sorry. I rant.

    I want to pledge allegiance with my neighbors, and count on
    God, the strength! with my neighbors. Listen and ACT! WIth integrity, responsibility, wisdom, ethics, morals…respect, love and care. We CAN do better, but it is not in the govt for it to happen

  • “I should add that there is very real possibility BP spill oil has or will reach west Florida beaches..”

    There were sightings of tarballs floating in the water off of Anna Maria Island during the first week of July. There were photos posted on Facebook. Tar balls were seen on the beach. During the second week of August, oil was discovered on Bradenton Beach.

    Given the precariousness of the real estate market and tourism industry, most locals are silent.

  • Another TC

    Good post by TC – can’t argue with the math. Additionally, many toxicologists and environmental regulatory bodies have determined that acceptable risk-based concentrations for undifferentiated TPH in residential soil is 2,000 ppm. That means kids can “play in and eat a minor amount of soil with up to 2,000 ppm TPH every day with less than a one-in-a-million chance of contracting cancer from the TPH” (don’t blame me, it’s the way risk-based cleanup criteria are calculated using an estimated probability of contracting cancer). So, even if you take your kids to the beach every day, you don’t have to worry about 173 ppm TPH.

  • Laura Catracchia

    BP got to walk away unaccountable from one of the worst destruction’s done to the earth and all it’s life forms. The HARMFUL dispersant Chemicals they poured in to the ocean continues to kill precious sea animals, plants, and cause great illnesses in humans. BP has strategically placed their spokesmen in all the media areas to down play the extreme harm done by their oil explosion and have paid out(FACT)25 million dollars to Florida’s coastal beach information centers to give the “All Clear” sign with regards to water activities. This is horrible,and totally unacceptable! Where is the out-rage, or are we just that cruel as a people?!

  • Understanding that we, as guardians of this planet, are responsible for the decisions we make is the first step to accountability. We all have choices and we all get to deal with the out come of those choices, good or bad.

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