176 empty containers of ‘discontinued’ COREXIT 9527A found… With ship date of August 10 (PHOTOS)

Very Interesting – Photos Taken November 27 in Louisiana, Cherri Foytlin via Denise Rednour – November 27, 2010)

So today I went to the pow wow. It was great. The REALLY weird thing was in the same place we usually have the pow wow BP had a center for their equipment. The super weird thing was that ther was acres of natural non- toxic stuff rotting away, while there were 176 empty containers of COREXIT 9527A, with barge and boat dispensers right by them.

h/t BP Slick via BPGulfLeak “Photos were taken November 27, at Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, LA around 3:00 in the afternoon.”

See many more photos here.

Cherri Foytlin - November 27, 2010

Cherri Foytlin - November 27, 2010

7 comments to 176 empty containers of ‘discontinued’ COREXIT 9527A found… With ship date of August 10 (PHOTOS)

  • Thad Daly

    Photos prove only that there is a storage yard at Gonzales. Look closely the Corexit tanks with bulging end and tight hold down strap they are full. See only two with flats ends that could be empty.
    Green label is a shipping blabel for a CONEX container shipped from Cocodrie 10 Aug. If it were going to Cocodrie why would it be in the Gonzales yard 2 1/2 months later. CONEX containers are not military but are standard bulk containers for ship and truck. Do a Google. The big light colored box is a CONEX container and has GTU civilian markings. Look real close it has a green label on left door.
    Got pics of every thing BUT the boat and barge dispensers. The single most important item to photograph.
    Sadly you are see what you want to seenot what is actually there. Military operation but no guards, no military vehicle, no military personnel. So what is your excuse for failure to photograph the spray / dispensing equipment?
    Four years US Navy Photo Intelligence I can interpetate what I see.
    Your faulty “proof” weaken any other proof but forward.

  • Li

    Wow, that was a quick and detailed attempt to tamp this down. One thing of note. You say that the bowed end of the drums indicates that they are full, but isn’t Corexit, essentially, a solvent? And don’t solvents evaporate into gasses at least somewhat, especially when warmed up? Like a black drum in the sun perhaps? I know, the average daytime temp is Louisiana is about 54 or so, but on a sunny day, black things still get hot. And besides, those drums are not Corexit 9500, which is bad enough, but 9527, which has an unknown formulation and is banned just about everywhere.

    You replied to this post before it was made? Or was the post modified after you posted the comment? Anyhow, it was a rapid response, organized with military precision, I’ll give you that.

  • Li

    Nope, AM/PM, silly me.

  • Thad Daly: Your question, “So what is your excuse for failure to photograph the spray / dispensing equipment?” and my answer, if asked, would be — maybe they’re in use.

  • xdrfox

    The boat that spray were out spraying ?

  • Jean

    Whether the containers of Corexit 9527A are empty or full, why are they still sitting there, if Corexit hasn’t been used since mid-July? This leads me to believe that Corexit has been used recently and/or is still being used. I have no idea what they do with unused full containers or empty containers, but it doesn’t seem likely that they would just leave them stored there for over 4 months.

  • Who really cares if someone else owns them and they are taking care of them. As long as someone is responsible for the containers they will be taken care of eventually – aka it’s not your problem…

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