27-inch thick layer of oil-contaminated sand found — Researcher hypothesizes they are digging holes and burying it (VIDEO)

Surfrider Foundation: BP Oil Disaster UV Testing Program, , February 28, 2011:

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5 comments to 27-inch thick layer of oil-contaminated sand found — Researcher hypothesizes they are digging holes and burying it (VIDEO)

  • kingfish33919

    BP didn’t bring people in to do this stuff. Locals must have been hired and they did the dirty work. Why aren’t the locals the ones blowing the whistle.

  • monkey99

    this program aired march 5 and is the voice of the Gulf of Mexico people LOUD and CLEAR. please post and share everywhere, including with all media outlets that inspire you


  • xdrfox

    This East Coast beach has not been worked over by cleanup crews, the nature of the oil is to work it’s way under the sands, not sure if it is the additive virus that makes for 40% more oil retrievable that was said pumped into the well prior to blowout/gusher, or the use of Corexit.

    August 14, These were taken during a very low tide….

    Oil appears to be sinking under the sands on beaches (PICS)
    on Saturday, , 2010 … http://members.beforeitsnews.com/story/138/150/

    and here is deep oil under the sands…Look at the hole in this photo…the layer of darker oil…

    In the Water on the Beach and In the Hole Where They Play (PICS)
    on Monday, October 11, 2010 … http://members.beforeitsnews.com/story/211/600/

    Where oil is not as visible does not mean it is not there, just lower consecrations that are not as visible. PAH’s are everywhere on the beaches.
    When I took my black-light out to this site the sand illuminated orange in various densities and even the waters I held the light of glowed as the oil was mixed in it in the tiniest of particles. I found this to be true in the Halifax river also as well as the shores there.

  • Great photo’s xdrfox.

    I have never seen an alive crab before, and I’m so pleased to have seen this one earlier, and again now.

    Although it is painful to know that he is dying, I cannot help but smile at that beautiful little face and huge eyes. His shell even makes it appear as though he has rolled-up-sleeves above his foremost claws.

    Thanks for catching that glimpse for us.

  • xdrfox

    Did you notice the remnants of fish gills in that and the above photo as well. Normally one can not get within 10 yards of these ghost crabs and they are very fast and illusive, but many like this one I came across were dazed and confused, toxins, seemed they were sick and knew it, and reaching out for help !
    : (

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