Father: 3 year old passing kidney stones in Louisiana — Hospitals can’t figure out why he’s having the “massive” infection (VIDEO)

September 29, 2010 on Coastal Rescue Radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/coastalrescue

Fact Sheet: http://www.sciencecorps.org/crudeoilhazards-public.pdf

25 comments to Father: 3 year old passing kidney stones in Louisiana — Hospitals can’t figure out why he’s having the “massive” infection (VIDEO)

  • Canuck

    Dad probably believed the gov when they said the beaches were safe, go swimming. That’s why sites like this are so important, to get the lies exposed.

  • D. Thomas

    My heart goes out to this boy! I hope the doctors get to the bottom of it so he recovers quickly.

    Beaches are not safe and the public needs to be told the truth!

    My 3 year old son was covered in sores after a day at the beach- the sores took over a month to heal (he has scars). At first we thought they were horrible mosquito bites but now we believe it’s from the oil/dispersant because it happened two times; once at a FL Gulf beach and once at an Atlantic beach (FL). They say to shower- we always shower right after the beach- so that doesn’t help much, if at all.

    If we have this going on in FL, I’m sure it’s much worse in LA, Miss and AL. I hope the gov decides to tell the truth because helpful sites like this don’t reach everyone.

    I really hope this little boy gets better soon!


    It is very misleading to try and link kidney stones to oil/dispersant. Medically the reason needs to be diagnosed. Why not have the physician run blood samples for presence of toxins before making such a suggestion. If toxins are present, then you would have a leg to stand on claiming oil/dispersant contamination is the cause.

  • Canuck

    Corexit is a solvent which is a known cause of kidney stones Google is your friend.


    So run tests for the presence of Corexit constituents and make the relationship!

  • premurderedGOM

    Doctors can’t say that anyone is sick from anything in the Gulf or in the air. They would be sued. They are owned. Big Pharma WRITES THE MEDICAL BOOKS. I have put the Detox protocol on here. no one gets it. If you have had sores or have been in the Gulf you will die. The sores are secondary to mass inflammation INSIDE the body. You must detox. Chemical poisoning lays dormant in tissues/cells causing all kinds of destruction. These kids will most likely die from cancer or something else. and so will the adults. And I sound like Polly Fuking Parrot..STAY OUT OF THE WATER AND DON’T EAT THE SEAFOOD.

  • Canuck & R Florane,

    You’re both right, test to prove (claim) corexit is present in the tissue, and make BP pay all medical expenses — forever!

    And as premurderedGOM keeps repeating…


  • Slick Vick

    D. Thomas, do you mind sharing where on Florida’s Atlantic coast your 3 year old had problems??? I’m in Fort Lauderdale and would think it’d be safe enough to swim here, but still have not been in the water since the spill, mainly out of fear & common sense.

  • tanya

    R FLORANE you must work for BP….The water is not safe , and please dont eat the seafood….i have lived here my whole life and i will not eat the seafood or go in the water…people need to wake up and quit making up excuses for BP..ugh….

  • ico

    chlorine dioxide is approved by the EPA for the treatment of MRSA.
    Kills below ph7, all pathogens.
    Look into human use; but remember you are on your own, the medical establishment doesn’t have the info on infections because they are still pushing antibiotics!
    If the tissues are broken by solvent the bacteria can take hold.
    Stay well, peace.

  • D. Thomas

    Vick, We went to Cedar Key on the Gulf and Crescent Beach (just south of St. Augustine). It was fairly soon after the spill started and there were NO reports of oil in the area. When we went to the Gulf with no intention to swim. We were walking along the shore when he got in got in the water- only his legs got wet and only for a few minutes; he showered and changed immediately afterward. That is why we thought they were mosquito bites. We went to a very crowded Crescent Beach and spent the afternoon, mostly playing in the sand with occasional rinse in the water. We thought we would beat the oil to the beach and have a last hurrah; it was before we knew about the underwater plumes from the infamous dispersant.

    Tanya, Yes, pro-oil people follow news stories & comments in attempt to discredit any anti-bp comments. I think they’re paid BP damage-controllers.

    There are a lot of unknowns we are forced to deal with from oil and corexit soup. This little boy’s kidney problems may have another cause but BP’s toxic soup must be considered- especially when doctors are mystified. The effects of this massive spill are far worse and farther reaching than our government has said- they want to avoid mass hysteria and lawsuits. If a child has sores from 5 minutes of contact with the water, the fish that live there are not safe to eat!!!!! My son’s sores have healed but my concern of any long-term effects has worsened- not just for my family but for us all.

  • TSGordon

    The ‘goal’ appears to be to encourage as many tourists to visit this winter as possible. And when -this- toxic threat wears out they will collude to create a DU- dirty bomb if they have to import it from Chernobyl

  • Swindon1

    To D. Thomas: First, I am so so sorry about your little boy, and hope you use the detox products listed at the Barefoot Doctors website. We are just south of you in Ormond Beach. I am older and have had severe respiratory problems, sore throat, hoarseness, difficulty concentrating and remembering, and headaches since the beginning of July. Many are sick here. My son breaks out in hives every night for the past 2 months. Daughter is feeling severely fatigued, very anxious, and has blisters on her legs. We don’t even go in the water, we just live near it. It is in the air. The elderly are suffering terribly here. We are getting out of Florida, it is not safe here. Oil is indeed on the beach, if people would just recognize that the black stuff on the sand is in fact oil. I know because I had it tested. 28 ppm.

  • Swindon 1,

    I’m so worried about you and your elderly neighbors. I know you would leave if you could. But please! You said [“We are getting out of Florida , it is not safe here.”]. There must be a reason why you have not left as yet, but, it’s gotta be done.

    Do you have relatives living north who can come to you with moving trucks, and get you and your family out? Pay teenagers who aren’t sick to pack and load for you. That way, they won’t need to linger in the area too long.

    I know you all are too sick to help yourselves.

    My prayers are for you….

  • Ben

    Swindon, You and your family are suffering from classic VOC (volatile organic compound) chemical poisoning symptoms. Your body is starting to break down and is warning you. Petroleum hydrocarbons are VOCs. Look up VOCs on the EPA Hazardous Chemicals web page. Long-term exposure causes cancer, kidney and liver damage, brain damage (most VOCs are neurotoxins), nerve damage, interference with your endocrine and reproductive systems, etc. Needless to say, dealing with these illnesses is very, very painful and very, very expensive. Far more costly and painful than leaving your home……

  • C.Dodds

    If you are under stress, as many peope around the gulf are, you are more likely to catch infections. It seems the oil gush could be to blame.

  • Please go to http://www.gcbarefootdocs.org. You can get the information you need about the blood test you need and also the detox information and kits to flush this toxin from your systems.

    You greatest defense against this genocide of the Gulf inhabitants is information.

  • Swindon1

    Thanks for the kind concern,it is appreciated. I had to find a place to go first, and then arrange to do something with my house. A big part was convincing my adult children that there is danger here when the news says everything is OK. I have been blood tested for VOC’s, but results are not back yet. We leave Friday. People over here just do not get it, and I worry and fear for my friends and clients alike. Yes I do detox thanks very much.

  • D. Thomas

    Thank you for you comments- I’m sorry to hear about you and your children. It’s frustrating when others just don’t get it but I’m glad you do. Not everyone feels the effects the same and others ignore the signs; that will change in time.
    It’s a shame you have to leave but I don’t blame you- you must remove yourself and your children from the source. I had to leave a toxic home so I know you are doing the right thing. I know the frustration of people’s unwillingness to believe. I’m still sick but some problems resolved soon after I moved. I had years of exposure so don’t be discouraged- keep doing the detox.
    I’m not on the coast but close enough it seems. I agree, something is in the air – my son coughs, my daughter’s eyes are red (mine burn) and by looking at my plants, I think it’s in the rain too.
    I’m glad you were tested for VOC’s; I want my kids tested. I’ve just started looking and I haven’t yet found anyone that will. Can you tell me where you had the test or how you found them?
    I don’t want to move again but I will if the tests show I need to- for my children. Thank you and good luck!

  • Swindon1

    The Lab for VOC testing is Metametrix in Atlanta.


    Your doc need to fax an order to them and they will send down the blood kit. Takes 2 weeks, I am still waiting. I hope you and your get completely well, and wish you all good things.

  • D. Thomas,

    Your kids have already told you with their symptons. You must go.

  • Lois

    drop me a line… let’s start a REVOLUTION~!!!

  • The little boys’ kidney stones may have resulted from a previous illness where multiple pharmaceuticals were used. Perhaps something like bronchitis, flu — other.

    A prosecuting attorney would certainly discover ‘what caused what’.

  • “It’s inappropriate!” Brother was

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