3,000+ foot long mysterious black blob of killer “toxic goo” found near Florida coast — Appears to be GROWING

Big blob of gunk found in the Gulf, Herald Tribune, February 2, 2011:

From a distance the toxic goo looks like oil, but up close it smells like rotten eggs and wiggles like jelly. Scientists have no idea what it is or how it wound up in the northern Gulf of Mexico… [j]ust off the Florida Panhandle coastline, within site of Perdido Key…

[S]cientists have discovered an underwater mass of dead sea life that appears to be growing as microscopic algae and bacteria get trapped and die.

Early samples indicate the glob is at least three feet thick and spans two-thirds of a mile parallel to the coast. …

Tests also showed that tiny organisms had been getting stuck to the blob and dying as a result.

David Hollander, a chemical oceanographer with the University of South Florida:

  • The substance is “extraordinarily sticky” and toxic.
  • “It seems to be a combination of algae and bacteria.”

George Crozier, executive director of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Louisiana:

  • The material is foreign to the northern Gulf coast environment.
  • Speculates that a bloom of algae may have feasted on something – possibly oil – ran out of food and then died. The decaying algae might have then sucked all the oxygen out of the water and killed whatever was in the way.

Phillip West, coastal resources manager for the city of Orange Beach, Alabama:

  • In his nine years with Orange Beach, West said he has never heard of a substance matching Hollander’s description.
  • Occasional mats of decayed marsh muck turn up, but those are far different.
  • West also is not ruling out a potential link to the oil.

Naomi Klein: The Mystery of the Black Goo, videonation, January 12, 2011:

58 comments to 3,000+ foot long mysterious black blob of killer “toxic goo” found near Florida coast — Appears to be GROWING

  • soozla

    Hell must be a mighty big place.

  • Jack

    You’d think some kind of pirate ultra-light flyer would
    be able to get us some snapshots of this mega-blob,
    and get it posted online!

  • Why does everything have to be a conspiracy. Lets just wait and see what is said.

  • soozla

    After a long talk about treason and trying to get the people to realize that to NOT push back against known treason is treason, etc.
    How can it circle back to the “let’s wait and sees”?
    The people can not afford the —stall.
    They need accurate data now.
    Many situations are only conspiracy because the people refuse to believe.


  • soozla

    And so much DNA and biometrics fun for a hundred bucks.
    Yep–the military…slaves to the Corporate State.
    And to top that off.. they want the military to eat the seafood from the gulf.
    Soldiers are completely expendable…perhaps they have forgotten.

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  • soozla

    I always hear you. But then I have a clear idea of the treasonous activities of the government.
    Perhaps a discussion of “liberty” would be helpful.
    Perhaps the people have forgotten the rights and freedoms they already enjoy.
    Perhaps the people find it easier to stand about and take it.. while their lives and liberties are invaded upon.

  • soozla

    No problem..with genetic ID of the military? I do.
    The evil is great.

    Looks good though.

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