Endangered 45-ton whale washes up on Virginia coast (VIDEO)

Dead whale washes ashore in Sandbridge, WAVY, March 27, 2011:

We often forget the waters off our coast hold amazing sealife. One of the biggest washed ashore Sunday in Sandbridge – a 40-foot long female Sei whale.

“In this area, this whale would be quite a distance offshore. They’re not the whale you would see in whale watches,” said Susan Barco, Stranding Response Coordinator. …

Biologists say the whale weighed 45 tons. Initial attempts to drag it away failed so the team cut it up into sections and buried it deep in the sand at the beach.

  • Sei whales are not common to the Virginia Beach area. – WITN
  • Sei whales, an endangered species, normally frequent deep waters far offshore, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. – UPI

Dead whale washes ashore in Sandbridge: wavy.com

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