46% of BP Oil Spill wildlife cleanup workers reported RASHES, itchy skin, or red skin — 35% with headaches

More Injuries Reported for BP Oil Spill Wildlife Cleanup Workers, Environmental Protection Online, October 25, 2010:

In June and July 2010, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) evaluated potential exposures and health effects of workers involved in Deepwater Horizon response activities due to the BP oil spill.

The evaluation included on-shore wildlife cleaning and rehabilitation workers in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Evaluation of Wildlife Cleaning and Rehabilitation Workers; Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi, June and July 2010, Department of Health and Human Services:

Health symptom survey—reported injuries and symptoms by group

12 comments to 46% of BP Oil Spill wildlife cleanup workers reported RASHES, itchy skin, or red skin — 35% with headaches

  • Shepton

    You must blame the supervisors for not ensuring that the workers were wearing correct personal protective equipment. In 30 years neither I nor any of my team has experienced these symptoms despite being to many many spills

  • Dan

    Reports are saying the supervisors are not allowing it. Its like the gas chambers except people are working in the toxic environment and then slowly dieing a nasty painful death instead of dropping off right away.

    This is such a small sampleing and has no information to cross reference against such as how long each of these participants in the survey have been in the region.

    The report says it surveyed people from the four gulf states, one hundred and fifty some odd people total. Sounds like potential cherry picking and manipulation of the data to me.

  • ghana

    Cherry picking or not Dan those are huge numbers statistically speaking. I see a new Trail of Tears for this country.

  • Dan

    What I imply is it is more likely 100% of these people will see these issues. I am thinking they all will perish from this, in time.

    It is obvious from the reports here that people are dieing from this and it all points back to the dispersant/oil combo, which you would think with all the prior testing, they would know how deadly it is, except…

    Its evil beyond comprehension.

  • Surf Mama

    My husband and I have left our home ( East Coast Florida, Brevard County) We had a beautiful home tucked in the woods directly on the beach. Locals and avid surfers we grew up in the surf with and among the sealife. We have evacuated North. The oil first appeared on our beach back in June, these toxins will make your skin burn upon contact, although the average person may not see or smell….they also washed into the Banana and Indian Rivers and absolutely surrounded our home. We were very sick….Persistent cough, extreme soar throat that would come and go, lethargic, burning nose, fatigue, rain that would make a cut burn and skin itch, and then came the MRSA. Co -Workers, neighbors, friends and acquaintances feel the same. We are North now, however I still feel the effects from the high levels of toxins we encountered daily. Ill winds, toxic rains….surrounded. I can not forget what I have seen. We have watched a beautiful paradise that I call home disappear in front of my face. The trees, flowers, fruit trees, beach, bees, squirrels……burnt and dead. Oaks falling and drooping over, pines burnt and dead, squirrels falling from trees daily due to weak/ breaking limbs, bees disappeared in June, palms appear decapitated, mangroves bare. I have lost my home and heart. This is much more to me then an oil spill….This was my life and way of life. The animals of the sea were my comrades they are much more to me then disposable casualties. My friends and family are sick and my home is dying. What do you do with all this. Fight Back! Why is the South dying as the rest of the country sits and acts as if nothing is happening! Media..Rats in a trap. I am looking to take part in/organize some sort of a rally at the White House to speak out and Speak loud…We need to rally this country…although we all know that the effects from this are so wide spread that the consequence is quite dire for the outcome of the economy at some point the all mighty buck is not worth the lives of our children.
    Heart Broken Surf Mama

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  • I Enjoyed your article ! Very well !

  • It is so sad that people suffer because of the BP oil. I hope there is something you can do to help them

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    Jeux De Tracteur
    July 24, 2011 at 2:09 pm

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