7 year-old “covered in blood”, mother with rashes over “entire body” — Tests found elevated HEXANE, xylene, octane from nearby gas well (METHANE)

Flight for survival: Toxic emissions force family to leave home, Wise County Messenger, September 23, 2010:


[The rash] literally covered my entire body – my scalp all the way down to the bottoms of my feet,” [Lisa] Parr recalled. “I made multiple trips to the emergency room. I had six doctors working on me, and they couldn’t figure out what it was.” …

Medical tests confirmed the toxins in Lisa’s system matched toxins found in the atmosphere in an air-quality investigation… at a nearby gas well site. … The investigation found elevated levels of ethane, pentane, hexane, octane, xylene and nonane, all potentially toxic chemicals. Four days later, a medical test discovered the same chemicals inside Lisa. …

“I was pretty much losing my memory,” she said. “I couldn’t walk straight, and I kept falling down. I started shaking uncontrollably. My face drew up. I was stuttering very bad.” …

“My [7-year old] daughter began having severe nosebleeds,” she said. “She’d wake me up at 6 a.m., crying, covered in blood.” … She’d never had any respiratory problems. Emma also started breaking out in rashes and having stomach problems. … “The methane level in my daughter’s room was at asphyxiation levels…”

The article notes that “On Saturday, Aug. 28, the Parrs said goodbye to their formerly idyllic home and moved into Bob’s office in Denton. They don’t know how long they’ll have to stay.”

Hexane has been found in the blood of Gulf residents after the oil disaster. See also:

7 comments to 7 year-old “covered in blood”, mother with rashes over “entire body” — Tests found elevated HEXANE, xylene, octane from nearby gas well (METHANE)

  • Gary

    Sorry thats collateral damage thats not Britains fault or the queen
    Its actullay your own fault for being in war zone. I have been saying since day 3 nuke BP. This is a war believe it or not and you are being genocided.
    LEAVE they are exterminating, killing a what word can I use for death?

    Why are you idiots still there?

    This is war you are dead, does not any -d— a– know history

    Kiss your family and your a– goodbye

    Look at the fsh kills you guts rip open.

    You will be dead in less than a year and BP-the queen-Al Bushomma get what you own.

    Sorry but its for their own good.
    You don’t need it, Collateral damage with

    Pray you die in your sleep and not watch your children die

    The queen BP and Al Bushomma could care less

  • sandra

    Good afternoon you minions of bp. There are literally tens of thousands of us, sharing, caring, shining light and love and heavily documenting your every coverup and move. The sleepy herd has awakened and moooooving against your evil harm against us. We have the best scientists, researchers, detectives and communication services. It was us whom were not sleeping at night……….perhaps it should now be you. The residents of the Gulf Coast and your absolute worst nightmare. hugs to all of our coalition. sandra 777 12

  • Sean

    Please everyone watch the movie “Gasland” you can find it here—– http://freeviewdocumentaries.com/2010/07/14/gasland-2/

  • D. Thomas

    Yes Sean, I’ve seen ‘Gasland’ and it sounds like more victims of ‘fracking’ to me.
    EVERYONE in this country should watch it. Fracking is another horrific crime big oil/gas is committing. Talk about crimes against humanity!!!
    We the people need to join forces, rise up and put an end the corporate greed and destruction that has killed the Gulf and damaged thousands of innocent people!

  • Canuck

    So sad, those poor people. So trusting in their gov. that it’s all fine. Will be a windfall for Washington too, inheritance tax kicks in Jan 1. Anywhere from 18% of estates worth $3m. People start dieing from this…Dunno guys, it’s just begun I’m afraid.

  • Sean

    “Gasland” can be found here as well—–

  • Sean

    Here is whole movie sorry about B/S but they like to make them dissapear as quick as we can post ’em.Anyhow its found its way to youtube here…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyCspp8XDJE

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