Acres of 1″ thick black mats cover beach at Dauphin Island (PHOTOS)

Will Alabama Beaches Never Be The Same?, John Wathen via BP Oil Slick, December 15, 2010:

Thick black mats of material covered parts of the beach as much as an inch think with a rubbery substance she said had been described as “Organics” by the US Coast Guard. I won’t disagree with the USCG since the slimey mess did have a greenish tint to it when kicked open, but will someone answer the question, why so many square acres of it an inch think on an island noted for it’s white sands?

"Acres of 1" thick black mats" Credit: John Wathen

6 comments to Acres of 1″ thick black mats cover beach at Dauphin Island (PHOTOS)

  • Dixie

    Dauphin Island was so beautiful as was most of the gulf coast before this crime. It’s sickening to me that when a disaster strikes outside of this Country the Hollywood types and politicians fall all over themselves to raise money to help them. But where does the money really go? Time and time again, Haiti being the most resent example, never seems to get the help that all this money was raised for. Again I ask, where did it go? Certainly not for what it was meant for. The Gulf can’t even get help from the Hollywooders and the politicians. Just gives credence to the conspiracy that this was done on purpose don’t ya think?

  • Dan

    Sounds right – nuke industry – check the contributions to OBPama AND Billary – mega millions – google it.

  • Thanks! The photo’s are beautiful and speak in a language we all understand: The truth is there and the future is described hundreds of years in advance.

  • soozla

    A few weeks ago,I went on about the people having to turn their backs to the sea. I wasn’t kidding.

  • xdrfox

    Scallops at Publix small from Austria and large from Canada.

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