National Geographic: Aerial photo of shoreline in Orange Beach, AL near Florida border

This Month in Photo of the Day, National Geographic, October 12, 2010:

Orange Beach, Alabama

“Mix two parts sugar white sand with one part crystal blue water,” reads a tourism slogan for Orange Beach, Ala.

National Geographic, Oct. 12 (Credit: Tyrone Turner)

8 comments to National Geographic: Aerial photo of shoreline in Orange Beach, AL near Florida border

  • premurderedGOM

    The people in Orange Bch will tell you there is no oil. Met a guy yesterday from Destin who said there was NEVER any oil. This is the place with green knee deep algae and the restaurant that was serving oil filled oysters.

  • When was this photo taken?

  • ghana

    We can’t afford disinformation and 3 or 4 month old photos to cloud what is happening TODAY! If there is nothing significant to be reported please don’t make up “pieces” for filler! When is the photo date as requested?

  • nic

    It says it is the photo for THIS MONTH guys, read the headline (national geographic). I suppose that means October.

  • sam

    There is no reason to vent your anger at the folks who are helping to keep this information online. Get your own blog if you think you can do a better job.

    This picture, if you visit the link, is from June. It was posted only a couple days ago by Nat Geo – maybe you should be complaining to them on their timing.

    I found it relevant because we are being told the fishies are good eats, the water’s fine for swimming.. and this picture is a good wake up call. Where did that oil go? If that amount of oil has “disappeared” through the use of dispersants, it is revealing just how MUCH dispersants were/are being used, and no one in their right mind should believe that water is safe for anything but lighting fires.

  • Jean

    I also thought that this picture was important, even though it’s from June, because it shows how much oil was really out there. The pictures and videos taken from the beach looking out over the water didn’t look as bad as what is portrayed by this picture.

  • Dixie

    People, you KNOW you are being lied to! Do your research into the oil spill in Alaska and see what has happened to the poor souls that tried to clean it up! They were lied to also.

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