After Valdez, fish came back in full force — Then “like clockwork” the herring population collapsed

Will oil bring death to Gulf’s rich web of life?, Sarasota Herald Tribune, November 7, 2010:

In Prince William Sound, where the Exxon-Valdez ran aground in 1989 [it] occurred during spawning season for herring. A year later, the fish came back in force, bringing a sense of relief.

But herring take four years to become adults. And like clockwork, the herring population of Prince William Sound collapsed four years after the spill.

Those that came back were covered in lesions, ravaged by disease. Scientists still argue over whether the collapse was coincidental or caused by the oil spill. …

Since that 1993 collapse, the herring population in Prince William Sound has not recovered and disease still plagues the fish. Birds that rely on the herring have likewise not recovered. …

Pacific herring fills the food web role held by menhaden in the Gulf. … In the Gulf, menhaden take two years to reach maturity.

5 comments to After Valdez, fish came back in full force — Then “like clockwork” the herring population collapsed

  • nosilverspoon

    Read the stories from the people themselves that live near Prince William Sound. Any other than that is more lies and bulls*t. I don’t believe ANYTHING the Feds or their minions say. “coincidental or caused by the oil spill?” Morons.

  • xdrfox

    “A failed year classes” of shrimp or menhaden “could be catastrophic” — 1 ppb of PAHs damaged fish eggs

  • xdrfox

    They know and have known what awaits the Gulf and the People here, but this will be much larger in scale with a whole new array of new anomalies, some they already know about and some are unknown. The bounty’s should be watched for sores and lesions but steady testing of chemicals and PAHs. The human heath toll !
    Heavy metals and chemicals leaching into the ground water supplies I believe are already an occurrence. Drink only bottled water but you will still bath in it ??? None of this is what people will want to hear. : (

  • Back in ’79’, when the IXTOC Gusher happened, it took OVER 10 YEARS. for the fishing industry to ‘come back’!

    In the last 50 years, there’;s been OVER 200 Oil Spills throughout the world. Just look at the Niger River Delta! NO LIFE, Anywhere.

    WHEN, the dispersant/oil mix settles down the the bottom of the deep blue sea, when the water warms up, some of this,’floats to the surface’, & IS STILL TOXIC, as the day it was mixed!

    SO, if I wanted to destroy your fishing industry, THIS ‘would be the ideal way’!
    YET, to even make the confusion MORE EFFECTIVE, how about ‘confusing the scientists 1st’! This way, the truth of the matter, “will also be confused”!

    Boiled shrimp anyone? Bon appetite!

  • xdrfox

    Past behavior of happenings with Oil spills/corexit is aways a good predictor of future behavior and this one has even new things for these scientist to look at and the People to suffer ! The fishermen and others need to make the necessary adaptations and not get blindsided with things going back to the way things were.

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