AND AGAIN: Several hundred birds drop from sky in Kentucky — “Experts are at a loss” (VIDEO)

Dead birds mysteriously appear in Kentucky, Fox WDBR Channel 41, January 4, 2011:

A Paducah television news station is reporting that a Gilbertsville, Ky. woman has found dozens of dead birds in her front yard — and Fox 41 News has learned that more birds have been found near Murray State University. …

On Tuesday afternoon, Fox 41 News spoke with Mark Marraccini, a spokesman for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. Marraccini confirmed that several hundred dead birds had been found last week near the campus of Murray State University.

He said the birds had been found “scattered round” several city blocks near the university, and included grackles, cowbirds, starlings, red-winged blackbirds and robins.

As with the cases in Arkansas and Gilbertsville, Ky., wildlife experts are at a loss when it comes to a cause.

Woman reports dozens of dead birds in her yard, WPSD, January 3, 2011:

Near her car, a dead bird. A quick walk to her mailbox, another.  Scattered across her front yard, a local woman discovered dozens of dead birds.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. Never,” Sandy said of the discovery.

Sandy, who asked we not share her last name, first noticed the birds several days ago but cleaned them up, not thinking twice.

But when she noticed more birds Monday morning, she panicked, “I had just seen the story on the news about the birds in Arkansas and I was scared.”

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