Air Force gives special award to unit for spraying Corexit — “It’s something that just doesn’t happen” says spokesman

910th Airlift Wing receives Air Force award, Tribune Chronicle (Warren, OH), March 6, 2011:

The 910th Airlift Wing in Vienna is being honored among the Air Force’s elite… with the “Air Force Outstanding Unit Award” recognizing the airlift wing for outstanding achievement… [w]hile they were deployed to the Gulf Coast, the aircrews flew 92 sorties and sprayed 30,000 acres with nearly 149,000 gallons of dispersant.

Maj. Brent Davis, head of public relations at the base, said the last time the unit received the award was 13 years ago. Davis said the award typically is given for service over a period of time. He said it is an honor to win it for a specific mission.

It’s something that just doesn’t happen,” Davis said. …

”There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff,” Davis said.

Read the report here.

16 comments to Air Force gives special award to unit for spraying Corexit — “It’s something that just doesn’t happen” says spokesman

  • I suppose the Air Force may be proud of many of its actions — but spraying innocent civilians with corexit as if they’re roaches is not one of them.

  • soozla

    They have been awarded and rewarded for a treasonous act.

  • C.Dodds

    So, an order was given to the USA Air Force to spray the corexit. Exactly who gave the original order? Where did the top order come from? Anyone know? Can someone please find out?

  • kingfish33919

    a sortie is one plane one trip. All these guy did was to fly over the Gulf the equivalent of 92 times with one plane. In todays airforce I guess you don’t have to work too hard to get a medal. To put it into perspective I flew 47 sorties to get my private pilots certificate. Maybe they are just giving this award to suggest that not that much corexit was dispensed. But, that would be Cynical.

  • soozla

    Who gave the order to spray corexit..? gee.. hard to tell..why it looks like BP.

  • skizeqz

    you have to be kidding me! an award??

  • NoSprayZone

    The MOA authorizing the Air Force to spray dispersants was set up in 1996:

    Remember this is the same AF that sprayed our own forces with Agent Orange during the Vietnam war. That was thought to be safe, too.

  • Jean

    Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more outraged, now the Air Force gets an award for poisoning us! Yes, they did a great job of sickening the people of the Gulf Coast and killing the marine life. There is a comment from Anita Stewart on the original article. She explained what the Corexit has done to the Gulf, and she was then attacked as a “tree hugger”.

  • El-S

    Call them “oil-huggers”.

  • Can anyone out there spell “SATANIC?” What else describes, 1) causing an “accident” of such destructive magnitude, 2) “cleaning up” the “accident” by making its destruction even worse, and then 3) getting an award for it?

  • The huge Gulf spill and its toxic clean up is a sign that we have entered THE DAY OF THE LORD … see

  • monkey99

    Zedek- some might veer into secular definitions and call this particular viscious and virulant blend of fascist capitalism.

  • Zedek:

    Yes. I can spell “SATANIC”. It’s spelled “foie gras”; it’s the process where baby ducks are force fed extreme volumes of food so that their livers will enlarge.

    The dear little duckling has no alternative but to swallow the excess food, until they are just as fat as the rich, the elite, and the ignorant desire, so they can have their *fill* of an especially [apparently] tasty delicacy — a little duckie whose liver has been greatly enhanced for flavor.

    What happens to the duckling in the way of pain and suffering is just as painful and life threatening — and life shortening, as are the toxins BP is spraying us with, as if we are a pestilence or vermin.

    Please imagine a couple sitting in a restaurant, at a table with its white, starched tablecloth and red lanterns — and a look of delight as the waiter carries their ‘foie gras’ to them. He holds the tray high above their heads, as he moves about the table, and prepares to place the silver vessels upon the couples dinner plates.

    Once accomplished, the waiter — with much flair, removes each silver lid from atop its vessel, and the couples eyes and faces express the greatest pleasure of anticipation.

    The little duckie is of no concern to them.

    But BP’s case is different: They are killing *their own species* with *profit* in mind, and they have demonstrated that collaterol damage is of no concern to them.

    That is, so long as they aren’t forced to pay for it.

  • Shameful!
    Not surprising when it comes from a government that sprays us with poison every day. The global capitalist agenda awards for success in poisoning millions… despicable but nothing new.
    Nobel Peace Prize for war criminals like 0bama the President that says,
    “Let them eat POISON” –
    People ask why they spray us with chemicals… isn’t it obvious? Will America PLEASE wake up! Say NO to the Global Capitalist Agenda!

  • soozla

    They need to hurry up and turn these pilots into heroes. The people will be expected to treat them as heroes.. and not the participants of mass murder they are.
    This a a very slick and cruel psyop performed by the Air Force.
    Oh…but then when they too get sick from the toxins they dispersed..its off to the VA.. conveniently housed in the New Orleans bio-district..perhaps.It will be like Agent Orange ..and your cry of illness will go unheard…while you lie.. full of neurotoxins clutching your medals.

  • Jean

    I am praying for the day when these evil-doers are “awarded” a special place in the underworld. We can only hope for justice from the One who judges us all, we will never get any justice in this country in our lifetime.

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