Alabama officials allow up to 50,000 ppm of VISIBLE OIL on some Dauphin Island beaches

Cleanup plan allows oil from Gulf spill to be left behind, Press-Register, October 24, 2010:

In a statement e-mailed to the newspaper, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management wrote that… [Dauphin Island’s private beaches, other parts of Fort Morgan, or the western hunk of Dauphin Island] could end up with a cleanup allowing up to 5 percent [50,000 ppm] visible oil

Dauphin Island, AL Mayor Jeff Collier “expressed concern that oil left behind in one area could easily migrate to other beaches during storms“:

“We want all the oil off the beaches. I think that should go without saying. That’s what everyone wants… BP is responsible. Whether the oil ends up on private property or public property, it is their mess. I don’t see how it could be left anywhere.”

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