Alabama: “The oil sticks in the crab” because underneath them is an “oil slick” (VIDEO)

Bayou La Batre barber sees oil spill’s toll from shop (with video, photo gallery), Press-Register, October 18, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

Most people afraid, still worried…

Some people told me when they go crab…

Under crab, they got oil slick…

The crab moves like this… The oil sticks in the crab.

3 comments to Alabama: “The oil sticks in the crab” because underneath them is an “oil slick” (VIDEO)

  • premurderedGOM

    Thank-you for the story on this man. I studied his face in the close up photo. His eyes tell of a hard rain coming.

  • ghana

    I have often pondered after seeing years of TV info on the black plague of the dark ages what the populace acted like as the bodies piled higher and higher. I believe I won’t have to ponder that scenario anymore.

  • premurderedGOM

    Maybe the powers that be know that if they piled the ‘bodies of the affected’ [gom] in the streets, no one would really care. I personally don’t see anyone that gives a rats ass. Only when it affects them at the gas stations. Or they can’t ‘get a signal’ on the cell phone. When I recently asked a young Russian college student[20] working in Va. if he was going to stay in America, he replied “no, this a party country, and I have a lot of responsibility back home”. I was embarrassed. When in Las Vegas at Starbucks I asked the French student barista what she thought of the american people, she politely stated she found them “eccentric”, a polite way of saying nuts or crazy. So lets see what the ‘eccentrics’ do when the body count rises.

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