“All the fish are dead”: Trout now washing up on beach near Galveston, TX — Even seagulls won’t touch them (VIDEO)

Dead fish, fish kills, Galveston fishing report update, MrBrandonhuynh00,January 23, 2011:


All the fish in Galveston have been dying… all the fish are dead @ :15

Only fish that seem to be alive are way up in the bays @ :25

In Galveston, Surfside, San Luis Pass, Sportsman Road, and Freeport I’ve been finding dead animals, dolphins, sea turtles, yet nothing about it on the news @ :40

Reported deaths and provided samples to game warden/marine biologist, yet nothing on the news @ 1:00

Fished everyday this week and have not caught anything at all @ 1:20

It’s all over Galveston, but no one is saying anything on the news @ 3:05

Dead trout on the beach @ 3:27

Fish are just dying… Dolphins, Sea Turtles, spadefish, angelfish, seatrout, all kinds of dead animals @ 5:40

Seagulls won’t touch the dead fish, it’s like they know something is really wrong with these fish @ 6:00

No warnings not to eat fish in Galveston @ 7:15

3 comments to “All the fish are dead”: Trout now washing up on beach near Galveston, TX — Even seagulls won’t touch them (VIDEO)

  • KATE

    I feel so sad for the turtles and even more for the dolphins.
    I wonder if anything can be saved in the gulf.
    Hope we’ll get some news about the letter sent by the Louisiana senator……. but afraid hopes are vain.

  • irene

    forget about the epa and NOAA…. they told the people at ground zero to go on back to work!!!after 9/11 only one week after they told them to go on back to work…. no problem. Now most of those people are sick or dead. So, no, there is no justice here, the U.S. is dead, just like those fish

  • Read the prophecies of Linda Newkirk she is warning of a methane explosion and a huge tsunami wave. It will be japan all over but worse when all the crude and corexit are mixed in the wave. I wish people in the gulf would heed the warnings but no one wants to speak the truth. I have dreamt of a huge wave coming and many others have also been given dreams of a gulf tsunami. AA Allen had a vision in 1954 that the tribulation began in the Gulf! It is beyond me why people will not heed the warnings.

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