America on radiation alert — Experts warn fallout may reach U.S.: Paper

America on radiation alert: Japan faces world’s worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl as experts warn fallout may reach U.S., Daily Mail, March 15, 2011:

California ‘monitoring situation closely’ amid dramatic escalation of disaster

Fears that America could be hit by the nuclear fallout from the Japan earthquake have dramatically increased as workers prepared to abandon a reactor crippled by the earthquake and tsunami last night in the face of what is set to become the world’s second worst nuclear disaster – topped only by Chernobyl. …

Scientists in the U.S. warned yesterday of a ‘worst-case scenario’ in which the highly radioactive material could be blasted into the atmosphere and blown towards the West Coast.

They said it could be picked up by powerful 30,000ft winds, carrying the debris across the Pacific and hitting the West Coast. Some estimates claimed the radiation could arrive on America’s shores by Tuesday evening, according to the AFP. …

“Right now it’s quite possible that there could be some radiation floating over the United States,’ said Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman David McIntyre. …

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12 comments to America on radiation alert — Experts warn fallout may reach U.S.: Paper

  • Afu

    Current status, as of 2011-03-15:

    Reactor1: Primary containment leaking, Secondary containment destroyed, unknown melt-down status
    Reactor2: Primary containment cracked open, Secondary containment not destroyed, partial melt-down
    Reactor3: Primary containment leaking, Secondary containment destroyed, partial melt-down

    Reactor4, 5, 6: Reactors in cold inactivity (so far) but Reactor4’s used fuel pond is lying dry and burning, containment destroyed in two places, freely releasing radioactive fall-out in the air.

    Radioactivity officially reported at 400 mS/hour within the site, that is to say one to ten million times about natural levels. At that level live expentancy for human beings is a few days. Natural level is 1 to 2 mS/year.

    Overall situation creeping up nuclear risk scale: now at 6 (France’s own independent rating). Japan’s 4 obviously in disconnect with reality. Possibly slowly escalating beyond Chernobyl’s situation (rated 7). Situation clearly worsening from day to day, on-the-spot team on the brink of being lethally irradiated without being able to provide improvement in current escalation.

    Fall-out on USA’s Western coast within a week’s time:
    Unknown residual radioactivity potential. Fall-out increase probable as source is out of control.
    To reach USA’s western coast by 2011-03-18.

    Potential death toll:
    Fukushima district erased: above 500 000 trapped people about to undergo unsustainable radioactive contamination.

    May go beyond ten times Chernobyl’s 100 000 immediate casualties.

  • Jean

    What scares me the most is that we know we can’t trust the EPA or any other federal agency to give us accurate information. They will minimize the potential risks.

  • Afu

    Logically, as radioactive fall-out only oozes out of Fukushima Daiichi without being blown and projected out of it, we can expect that fall-out will remain low in the atmosphere.
    As a consequence, as far as USA is concerned, fall-out should be mainly restricted to western coastal areas and the Rockies should be an efficient screen. (My guess)

    Your agencies are indeed corrupt and rotten, but not all the world has reached that stage at this point. So we can still expect some reliable information to come out.

    Obviously we cannot trust a single word the Japanese (officials) say.

    If the number 400mS/hour is false and underestimated then the real situation on the ground must be horrendous.

  • xdrfox

    Alex Jones show reports Guest call in : Gov. has sent personnel and equipment to monitor Fall-out on USA’s Western coast are gather bass line when arriving. Web site with reports of monitoring by gov. public monitory has been taken down from Alabama where the testing to find what types radiation and Isotopes and amounts is in the air.

  • xdrfox

    How much Farming lands and water reservoirs may/will become contaminated for various places if the fall out is high ? Will we be told ?

    Will we be in the dark as much as the Japanese people to exposures ?

    ? best thing to do, I suppose is follow the Jet stream and find the path of these winds to areas and we may never know amounts but through those that have measuring instruments !

  • xdrfox

    Will they pull the plug on the web ?

  • xdrfox

    Alex Jones show reports Guest call in : Spent fuel rods were on fire were on top of reactor # 4 as it blew. They blew Spent fuel rods into the air and landed everywhere around and beyond the grounds into surrounding area. Plutonium rods blow into air, water ……

  • xdrfox

    Saying this makes looks Chernobyl was a ladyfinger firecracker. Each one of these reactors are a Chernobyl on steroids.

  • xdrfox

    Alex Jones show reports: a forth explosion last night, unknown to size of blast for it was night and videos may have not have been very good !

  • xdrfox

    Jet stream speed is about 600 miles per hour ….

  • people its the iodine to worry about

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