AP: “So much oil under the sand… may be washing up for months, if not years” — BP worker: “You definitely smell it. It hits you in the face”

Cleanup of Gulf Coast nears end, but buried oil in sands may linger for a long time, Associated Press, December 30, 2010:

Dig 2 feet into the sand on this wind-swept beach and up comes the foul smell of oil…

But it’s unlikely they will get all of it by the time college students begin flocking to the Gulf Coast for spring break at the end of February, the Coast Guard’s deadline for cleaning bathing beaches. There is so much oil under the sand, mud and oyster shells that tar balls may be washing up for months, if not years. …

[O]n this stretch of befouled Louisiana coast — a bird sanctuary, not a bathing beach — the cleanup seems far from over. On East Grand Terre, workers in orange safety vests use backhoes and mechanical augers to dig up the sand, which is sifted and resifted by machines with conveyor belts and screens.

“You definitely smell it. It hits you in the face,” Toney Edison, a BP cleanup worker, said as he inspected a new hole.

19 comments to AP: “So much oil under the sand… may be washing up for months, if not years” — BP worker: “You definitely smell it. It hits you in the face”

  • Rollergirl

    Pensacola, Fl. 11pm: It’s raining and the wind comes off the Gulf. I live next to an inlet and i’m in the parking lot getting out my groceries. A breeze blows by and with it comes the undeniable smell of heavy crude. You can hear the fireworks. What are they celebrating?

  • Rollergirl:

    Please take care of yourself, well, as much as is possible. You can’t keep breathing in the air and expect to remain well. But you know that.

  • Jack

    Yes Biscuit,
    How can we help beyond a verbal warning, when Rollergirl
    and all her loved ones really MUST run!
    My old travelin’ days, Rainbow gatherings, and college gave me
    knowledge that She must share.
    If you can already clearly detect that icky smell on everyday
    breezes, you must know that a churning storm
    will bring up all the nasty gases from the bottom, from
    the sands, and really, the entire Midwest/Ohio Valley and
    all the Eastern States are going to suffer the Methane and
    corexit poison once the Spring storms get going.
    Rollergirl: If you smell it, those molecules are IN YOU.
    I wish I had a place to offer way up Northwest, but
    I’m going to be running myself, it looks like…

  • chelly

    I don’t understand how some people say there’s nothing going on down in lovely Florida, everything’s swell? I can’t buy it. And these Floridians I’ve met have all had their “allergies” kick up since the spring? hmmmm? Their health is worse and they live near the coast. I mean we’re more than herd animals, aren’t we?? Most people take notice of their environment! There must be a dire lack of basic biology coursework down there??
    You need to take your body’s warnings seriously!

  • chelly

    It’s actually quite difficult to reverse the damage caused by chronic long-term VOC/petrochemical exposure!!! I checked the EPA wed site on hazardous chemicals and they seem to have “buried” their prior clear warnings on Petro VOCS that were formerly easy to find online!! For those that never saw them, they said that long-term VOC exposures cause liver and kidney damage (your essential detox organs); brain damage (they are neurotoxins); respiratory damage; cancer; and potentially death. OSHA declares 100PPM of Benzene to be fatal and you can feel effects at a mere Parts Per Billion. Benzene, which the well emitted at records levels, is near the top of the charts worldwide–on par with Arsenic in terms of toxicity….

  • chelly

    sorry for any typos, that should be “EPA web site.” Yes, Benzene is one of many toxins that off-gasses as a key part of every barrel of petroleum.

  • chelly

    Maybe if more people knew the play, “Benzene and Old Lace,” rather than “Arsenic and Old Lace”!!!?….

    Just think: Benzene and Old Lace
    It KILLS. Murder. Do you want to die???

  • Chelsea

    These people are all correct rollergirl. Absolutely correct. If it weren’t for an amazing set of doctors, I’d have died as an infant. My mother worked with crude oil, Sunoco to be exact, while carrying me. I was born with 6 inches of intestine that just did not develop. I had a colostomy that saved my life, but what a life it is to be sensitive to everything and chronically ill, even still, at 26! PLEASE get yourself out of there. Everyone in the gulf states need to evac! There’s no doubt in my mind that this is still spewing oil and when spring gets here, it’s going to be a slaughterhouse. The two 7 inch scars that lace across my abdomen are an every day reminder to me what these VOC’s, benzene, toluene, xylene, etc., do to us! GET OUT!!!

  • No One

    I have family in the Dallas, TX area and was wondering if this could affect them too. When I told them what was going on they seemed to know nothing about it. Does anyone know if Dallas is also a dangerous area to live now, because of the corexit, methane and oil? Thanks.

  • xdrfox

    No One
    If they got any rain from the two tropical storms that came through or any rain from GOM this summer, ask them about their plants. … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/211/091/Plants_are_Showing_Us_There_Is_Something_in_The_Rain._Pictures.html

  • xdrfox

    We have seen this before haven’t we…. 1,000 Birds Fall from Arkansas Sky in Hitchcockian Scene … http://www.livescience.com/strangenews/birds-fall-from-sky-arkansas-hitchcock-110102.html

  • xdr fox,

    Thank you for that link to the damaged vegetation.

    For years, my job required that I walk the woods. Never had I seen such leaf damage until this year. I first spotted it in Cherokee Co., Georgia, then Stone Mountain, Georgia, then in my own area in the Smokies and finally in Prince Fredrick Co, Md.

    I tried to get the attention of a lot of qualified people, including a National Forest ranger in the Smokies who promised to get back to me and didn’t. I submitted specimens to all. No one seemed particularly alarmed except me.

    My point is that I have seen the exact damage shown in your pictures from Georgia to Maryland. This is not just a Gulf problem, but no one seems to be interested. They will be, I guess, when they finally realize that they too have been affected.

  • Observer

    Seems in America now, nobody cares about anything or anyone excepts for themselves and their families. If the entire GOM region is being exterminated like roaches they simply don’t care, and don’t want to bothered with the information, unless of course they themselves or their precious children are affected, then it’s a different story. Pretty sad really what this country has become.

  • xdrfox

    N.C. Mountain William
    I went to UTUBE this summer and found videos from across the US and Europe of the same plant damages. I was looking for videos of the raining oil and found there was more than oil in the rain and went much further then I imagined ! Just wonder if circled the Globe and many not notice.

  • xdrfox

    And these videos that I saw of plant damage were all from this summer ! This IS since the BP, GOM disaster ! Others did notice abroad as many of us here and took the time to document and share this news. Stay out of the rain and don’t sit on anything that is wet from rain or dew !

  • Baron (BB) Buskell

    Hello All; It is 9am Panama City Beach;
    The smell this morning Jan. 4, 2011 is so bad it will make you puke. This Bacteria is eating my skin alive. I met my neighbors formally while walking my dog. The lady was so distressed, she tearfully, told me it didn’t matter my dog pooped in her yard(her husband was starting CHEMO this week for a rare nasal cancer). I my self am trembling, as is my dog who can barely breath. Release video showing the outer destruction of my chewed up body and head, after countless (BAFFLED?) DR’s (cream and antibody) me for months; testing…everything week after week. They say high white cell & send me for more test and continue this loop. My head pounds symptoms worsen, I have so much toxic proof, but, I’m lost, litterally ! so tied up trying to contain, this attack, neurologic damage makes me tremble and I keep forgeting what I’m doing. I hired help my check is gone before I get it. Is, and are we just supposed to die, forgotten, and BP travels on PROFITING! That alone tells a
    STORY, as they get away with genaside of a once proud, prospering, welcoming, kind people. Are they really thinking a few $$ to their billions is worth our lives.(BB)
    Amise a pile of evidence I sit blank, and gaze, so hurt, forgotten in the cloud of lies these GIANTS have created, Oh and I have a 23 year old daughter w/ a miscarrige this last summer now being tested for two types of cancer. Sad. (BB)

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