“The area you cleaned yesterday overnight becomes soiled again” — Amount of workers to DOUBLE says coordinator

Oil spill response remains a daily affair on islands, Mississippi Press, December 03, 2010:

“It was absolutely disheartening the amount of oil that is still out there,” Terry Morris, oil spill coordinator for the Gulf Islands National Seashore, said, referring to a recent visit to Petit Bois Island. …

“The area you cleaned yesterday overnight becomes soiled again.” … “I think we will be doing the cleanup for awhile,” Morris said. …

Morris said about 50 workers have been on Petit Bois Island and that number should increase to 100 within a month.

“We trying to get a big push out there now while the weather is fairly decent and before the bad storms come in,” he said. …

8 comments to “The area you cleaned yesterday overnight becomes soiled again” — Amount of workers to DOUBLE says coordinator

  • They sound responsible and intense, but I’m afraid the task will remain incomplete for years: How can you remove or clean away millions of years of Earth juice, and over a period of a month, a year, or a decade? The ocean will be regurgitating British Petroleum for years. The pressure coming from the fractures in the rock shelves is presently impossible to overcome.

    And, with the North Atlantic current dead, we may all experience what was presented in the Art Bell and Whitley Streiber book and movie. I believe it’s titled “SUPERSTORM”, and it could really happen. We will all die under crushed buildings as a result of the weight of the extreme ice storms. It will happen to the British first, but we’ll all be toast in due time.

    When will we be able to say that the cleanup — our mission is accomplished? Perhaps in a century.

  • xdrfox

    I concur, the oil is there for all time, Don’t wait to have the words spoken to you in a small room in a monotone voice, I sorry you have malignant cancer, there is nothing we can do. or lung, kidney, liver damage that is irreversible, or still yet have him pronounce this sentence to your ears on your child/children. You heritage is dead as the Gulf and there is no resuscitation in your lifetime for the wonders that the Gulf once yelled,… Its dieing and all thats in it in time. Don’t stay for her last breaths as she may breath a bit past you ! Starting over from scratch is better then allowing it to take you and yours. That would be the ultimate damage to all. Could you handle that ?

  • No Spam

    Does anyone know how far inland the poisoning effects of this are currently going? I have to question why toxic Corexit is being used when safer and more effective alternatives are available. I suspect that the rig explosion, the poisoning of the gulf and humans in the area is intentional. There’s no other logical reason for Corexit to be used.

  • uncomfortablynumb

    Dear “No Spam”

    Google Jeff Rense & Dr. Soto

  • soozla

    The “rumors ‘ are– they are putting dispersant in the rivers inland and letting it flow into the sea. This would mean that the fresh water environments are also being damaged.
    Also rumored–they are using fires to hide the evidence.

  • When someone urinates on your doorstep, it’s time to flush it out. Come on people, don’t let ‘blow up doll’ get away with it.

    Flush him out!

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