Women around Gulf with internal bleeding & mysterious bruises on torso (VIDEO & PHOTO)

Photo of Denise Rednour via CleanTheGulf, November 13, 2010:

Credit: Denise Rednour and Clean the Gulf (Nov. 19)

See also: Alabama woman’s face and neck swollen “three times normal size” after trip to beach in late September (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Credit: Lisa Nelson and Jerry Cope

Full Videos:

21 comments to Women around Gulf with internal bleeding & mysterious bruises on torso (VIDEO & PHOTO)

  • Attn: Gulf friends

    It sounds like you are on your own in the Gulf if you want to protect your health. I say the noise frequency effort is a neat idea-go for it! There are doctors who can help you in other places, but they are hard to find all over… You have to make a move and go after good medical care, food, air, and water!!~

    p.s. It would be a good time to quit smoking, too! 😉

  • Attn: Gulf friends

    Not to suggest that Ms. Ridenour or the other women have been smoking. However, you MUST reduce all toxic exposure in those circumstances, to include smoking.

  • Look into Gluthianone supplementation, in addition to c, k, & bromelain. I was doing some research on spontaneous bruising — results though sparse at http://faustsstudy.blogspot.com/2010/11/possible-help-for-spontaneous-bruising.html

  • xdrfox

    Pix just get bigger, does not link to the original article taken from, is this right ?

  • sam

    I have been hearing that the only way to heal is to remove yourself from the toxins (get out of the Gulf). All of the vitamins and detox ideas are great to use once you remove yourself from the toxicity… until then, according to the doctors i have heard, you will not be able to heal.

    The vibrational healing using sound waves is simply awesome! Researchers at Stanford have been working with this idea for awhile now, regarding humans. We are 70% water ourselves, so it’s quite the same principle.

    In fact, i can feel the effects of the music they are using in my own belly – there is a feeling of relief and gratitude. The vibrations are quite heavenly imho. Here is an article updating about these folks, that showed a huge beautiful bird who came up and stood in front of the speakers while they were playing the healing sounds. That says it all! http://pesn.com/2010/11/13/9501724_Coast-Guard_frowns_on_Hutchison_frequency_generator/

  • mike

    Fake. Doctored pics. The Palestineans do the same crap. Just go buy a little red and purple food dye and get a bag of makeup or go to the Halloween store.

  • necia

    to mike.. what kind of an animal are you? faked?? never..and thank GOD you are not there..this is a disgrace and a national disaster long term problem that will not go away and ALL who stay are going to get sick..they need our help..either you are a coprointel .troublemaker,sick,or just stupid and cruel or you are cold hearted and evil go away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • ken

    Hey Mike, i’d like to invite you over for dinner, we’re serving Gulf Seafood !

  • Skip

    New World Order evil!

  • ozmot

    Well, the top picture with the purple blotches is nerve damage. (I’m covered in it but not from the gulf) This is soooo disturbing to say the least!

  • MontgomeryScott

    Americans are suffering.
    Mike is an ass.

    As to ‘solfeggion’ frequencies, may I suggest that worshipping the cows at the River Ganges would be as effective…:

    “In all of Hindustani music and Carnatic music (two major branches of the Indian classical music), a form of solfège called swara or sargam is the first lesson. In Indian classical music the corresponding sounds of solfege are sa, re (ri), ga, ma, pa, dha, ni and back to sa. The Sanhita portion of the Samaveda (Hindu holy verses), that date back to 1300-1000 BCE[dubious – discuss] were later set to music using this technique. This is the earliest known origin of the solfège”
    The music is as follows:
    NO, supposed ‘Gregorian Chants’ won’t make the oil go away…

    The SCALAR wave energy story (although it has nothing to do with the worship of Hindu or Gregorian ‘gods’), is far more interesting, and more important by far.
    You know, the High Altitude Auroral Research Project, and such devices?
    TESLA was quite a guy, wasn’t he?

    I hope that rense keeps the links to ‘floridaoilspilllaw’…and that this site keeps posting FACTUAL stories about the ongoing crisis in the Gulf (and perhaps, could cover other oil spills as well)…
    TESLA knew about the ‘ETHEROS’ things, and harmonics, far more than the average person imagines. Attaching a religious ‘worship’ set of words to these frequencies is like pouring dirt into clean water (or rupturing the earth’s lifeblood with a 30,260 foot NEEDLE).
    It will STAIN the efforts…


  • TraceyT

    Necia, I live in her county. I know Doctors and nurses galore. In my area 30 miles north of the beach, they all laugh when I ask about gulf mystery illness. I interview the elderly people who work 5 days a week on the Gulf state Pier in Gulf Shores, they laughed in my face too. As do the retiree’s and pier rats(children out there frequently) I watch them clean the fish caught from this pier.( not implying I would eat it) I don’t know what ails this woman, but I put money it was accumulative and the oil spill did not cause this. Its sad hoe much sensationlism is over-riding facts, when there are plenty of disheartening facts.

  • TraceyT

    Oh and as a suffer of chronic back pain over the last 17 years, when a doctor can’t figure out what is wrong with you, its called a referral not being pawned off. it happened to me for 10 years. Yet she refuses to go to an Emergency room.
    Use your brains people.

  • Michelle

    TraceyT… Ms. Nelson died today. I hope those folks that were laughing at your question about “gulf mystery illness” are still laughing, meaning still healthy…

  • Merle Marks

    Corexit causes hemorrhaging internally. It’s no wonder so many people are so very sick. What about trying H2O2/Hydrogen Peroxide (food grade) therapy? Local Health Food Stores should have it. But, google it as well.

  • monkey99

    Thanks Merle. I did that. What a great idea! i hope others do so as well.

  • Kim brock

    Tracy t, I lived in orange beach, al before during and after, I don’t want to say she doesn’t exist, but I can’t find anyone on the island that knew her… So anyone out there who also lives in orange beach,al who personally knew her please say something.

  • xdrfox

    She may have been reclusive or live near there. There was more inf. on the chat board but it was taken down a while back. Some on the board took her to appointments an such if I recall and found a doctor that would see her.

  • Why no new news here in two months?

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