Attorney: Dive equipment “EATEN THROUGH” & parts of boat engines “MELTING” — Dispersant (VIDEO)

Toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott Interview, Ring of Fire Radio (Mike Papanatonio, Esq.), September 25, 2010:

Transcript Summary

Rubber parts on boat engines “melting”…

Plastic on fishing nets “dissolving in the water”…

Dive equipment “eaten through”…

8 comments to Attorney: Dive equipment “EATEN THROUGH” & parts of boat engines “MELTING” — Dispersant (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    In all fairness this was during the height of the spill and a date of this airing would be helpful to all. Some boat and Engine manufactures did say they would not warranty any boats that went in this soup and did damage to the drives rubber components or engine parts for the sea water is used to cool these motors and would or could cause severe damage to these marine vehicles.

  • ...

    First words of post:

    Toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott interview, Ring of Fire (Mike Papanatonio, Esq.), September 25, 2010…

    Gosh, that wuz yesterday

  • Spire

    I pray that Ring of Fire makes the full interview available for everybody and make it free of charge. This is absolutely critical for everyone to hear. This is QUANTIFIABLE data she is discussing, you can measure the damage of paint, rubber, O-rings, etc. And now they are spraying inland waters??!! One gallon of Corexit poisons over 300,000 gallons of water.

  • It is going to get worse, see the prophecies of Linda Newkirk at , get out of the Gulf region while you can!

  • Good grief Mark! Please respect our time.

  • xdrfox,

    Imagine the damage that can be done to human tissue. If the dispersant can do that to machines and machine parts, it is highly likely that the corexit can disintergrate animal bones as well.

    It explains where the multiple millions of dead animals are, especially the small and not so small ones. Whale bones are huge and heavy — and IMHO, are still beneath the waters and are disintergrating as well.

  • premurderedGOM

    There is nothing more that can be done. Venting these issues is the only way to release the rage, for now. Questions are always on my mind as I watch my kids sleep. What will I do when they become sick with some form of cancer or lung ailment? What will happen to the rage then, when people are denied healthcare or told they are not sick from living in the GOM? How long will we put up with these murdering leeches? You all know it’s a matter of time before folks really start getting sick in large numbers. They will have nothing to lose at that point. Something tells me the South will rise again.

  • Jessica

    BP has given Florida over $50 Million Dollars in “positive” advertising to get the tourists to come down to visit. The State of Florida owns more than $160 Million Dollars of BP stock. I live on the East Coast of Florida, Palm Beach County, and my jogging/biking days are getting more and more difficult. After my workouts, my “breathing tubes” are getting more and more inflamed. I need to drink a cup of tea/coffee after my workouts to enable myself to breathe easier. I am planning on leaving before November. Florida has been taken over by BP. Do not believe and positive news…things down here are getting worse and worse. I understand and have compassion for those that cannot leave. This is their home. They have a house, job, bills to pay…not everyone can just up and leave. We need to have compassion and pray for those who cannot leave. God Bless You and Yours. I wish everyone Peace.

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