Beach appears black and is oozing sheen in Ocean Springs (PHOTOS)

Blood Beach Is Boiling And So Is Our Blood, By Lorrie Williams at Gulf Park Estates in Ocean Springs MS, October 1, 2010:

h/t BPGulfLeak

See more photos here.

14 comments to Beach appears black and is oozing sheen in Ocean Springs (PHOTOS)

  • steve budge

    Good to see you are including Lorrie’s work. Did you also find Denise Rednour?

  • ehswan

    Finally some dates. Next question. Where is oil coming from? And is this new oil or old oil?

  • Gary

    Oild boarding, oil boarding, oil boarding is the only thing that comes to mind.
    If we can water bpard dudes in the desert why can’t we oil board the enemy or the traitors within our government.
    It just does not make sense.
    Look at that bird, I think it says do to Hayworth as you have done to it.
    Oh! but its just a bird
    How about your children he is killing and you.
    All hail the queen
    Get up and hail her even you dying folk
    Gullf War II morons, we lost

  • premurderedGOM

    Months ago I was having visions of the whole Gulf region appearing to me as GREY, DEAD, and LIFELESS. I posted those visions on here many times, mainly because they were bothering me. What I saw was horrible. If you look at this picture it kind of looks like a muddy road. Now picture it dry, and covering everything. This is exacly what the vision was. What I believe is, this vision was a high warning of future catastrophe…unlivable conditions…death. The land along with the water is in trouble and there is nothing we can do. The toxicants will seep into every nook and cranny until the land itself is dead and the people along with it. It will start to kill inland wildlife and vegatation. The rains carry deadly poison to our crops.These things cannot be changed, but you can leave the Gulf. Move away if you are able. There are some really good post on here but the simple ones stick in my mind….RUN

  • premurderedGOM

    ghana: Look I really tried to wake up and rally these people. Forget it! They don’t want to realize that they [and we] are being exterminated. They are the walking dead and apparently don’t care. The only reason I even post here is that maybe just one person or family will “wake up and get out”.

  • bob

    Geese Ghana, stop saying phuck to the potential warriors.

    killing (mataphorically of course) those on your own side doesn’t help the war effort.
    A call to arms (mataphorically of course) is probably more productive

    A revolution that historically works is non violent, even though all of us are extremely angry, and feel like “mopping” them up, we fight with our brains the same way bp did. Fight by organization and planning. We cant bring back the dead, but we can and should fight in every way we can. They didn’t use bullets, they planned. We do the same!

  • Mark

    We can never win this war with our government and BP.
    as long as there is one person out there who is brain dead stupid and just is so ignorant that they do not care as to what BP and our government is doing we can not fight them. What I mean is I was angry and shocked today to drive by a BP gas station and see thirty or forty cars lined up to get gas and give these environmental terrorists business. I stopped and asked the people getting gas if they knew they were supporting environmental terrorists and people that are killing millions in the gulf along with wild life By buying gas and oil from BP. The answers I got back were disheartening. Better than half said I was a conspiracy nut job. The others said we feel bad for them down there but it really is none of our business up here if its that bad why not just move. Some even said that its all lies because if it were true they would see it on the News. Well others said they have not paid any attention to any of that stuff they have to many problems of their own to worry about. The Fact is millions of stupid ignorant people are nether caring nor able to think anymore they are dumbed down drones of the dead spirited and controlled slaves of a system that keeps them sleeping and drugged up. You can see this by those people still swimming in the gulf or eating the poisoned sea food. Right now people are choosing sides and I do see a war coming. However it will be a war where we fight our family and friends who refuse to wake up or research the truth. Its like the matrix said until we can free their minds they are part of the system and are the enemy who can turn in to an agent anytime that will turn you the awake the free in to the evil that run the show which is BP our government. To big to fail corporations the banks calling you the awake home grown terrorists.

  • Daniel Hughes


    You are absolutely right in your visions. I had very similar nightmares over the summer. My wife and I went to Cedar Key, FL and Clearwater Beach, FL to say goodbye to a beloved part of the country.

    We are being exterminated, as you say; but I still believe we have the power to exterminate in return, one way or another.

  • Daniel Hughes


    Great point. But keep those guns locked and loaded in case the other options don’t work out so well.

  • TSGordon

    An operational stance that the People’s Army has finally suggested is to dwell on the message that any other party spreading deadly chemicals over large areas of the population construes a clear and indefensible case of terrorism, according to the founding DHS statute.

    By that definition, DHS, EPA and the FDA are all guilty of criminal conspiracy, and constute a clear and present danger to all.

  • You guys just discovered new oil deposits. what is all ado about

  • ArgotMay

    Get Google alerts on Riki Ott. See what is happening to Kindra Arnesen. I looked on abc and typed in gulf oil spill, Riki Ott, Kindra Arnesen. Cover-up. Get out yesterday folks.

  • andrew

    a lot of americans just arent good people any more and it will only get worse until they have the totally corrupt and devastated country that they desire.

  • There is a place of protection from things to come on this dying world.
    As you can read for yourself in Ps.91.
    Do you have eyes to see?
    Can you hear the still small voice?
    You just may be amoung those called out of this deception that will end in destruction very soon.
    If you are then here is a web site you should visit.

    See you on the other side.

    Billy D 613

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