Biggest concern is still “total fisheries collapse” says LSA President (VIDEO)

Victims still suffering 6 months after oil spill, Fox 8 New Orleans, October 20, 2010:

Reporter: What’s your biggest concern?

Clint Guidry, President of the Louisiana Shrimpers Association: A total fisheries collapse…

4 comments to Biggest concern is still “total fisheries collapse” says LSA President (VIDEO)

  • ghana

    How much hydrocarbon was used to produce that segment?

  • Gary

    Howabout if Britain-BP-the queen bitch become a total collapse.
    I’ll push the button if you want me too
    Soon we will have nothing too lose
    They have ruined us actuall invaded.
    Gulf War II NO MILITARY to help

  • second hand smoke

    Our money has pictures of dead presidents and their money has pictures of the queen.
    If we cut down a forest or two and convert it directly into paper and then into cash,if we can get a banker to bless it for us.We could save some hydrocarbons maybe even alot.

  • karl

    The biggest concern is NOT total fisheries colapse, I think what’s happening is premeditated murder. Actions intended to kill, not only fish but gulf residants. BP and our government have combined forces to acheive their agenda 21 and depopulation goals. Apparently, no one wants to admit this is really murder. This lack of beleif is why they are getting away with it, and of course people don’t want to be told they are going to die from chemical weapons. denial is powerful

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