“This is the biggest cover-up in the history of America” says official — It’s like Coast Guard and NOAA are “in bed with BP”

Oil still fouling La. marshes, tour finds, Associated Press, January 7, 2011:

Oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster remains in marshes off the coast of Louisiana, where officials renewed complaints Friday about the cleanup effort by BP and the federal government. …

“This is the biggest cover-up in the history of America,” said Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser…

More than 8 months after BP disaster, boat tour finds oil still fouling Louisiana marshes, Associated Press, January 7, 2011:

“It’s like you’re in bed with BP,” Nungesser told the Coast Guard and NOAA officials.

21 comments to “This is the biggest cover-up in the history of America” says official — It’s like Coast Guard and NOAA are “in bed with BP”

  • soozla

    Nungesser is a great example of people waiting for BP to make it all better instead of working on a plan to help the people.

  • The Coast Guard and NOAA have been in bed with BP from the get-go: April 20, 2010 to the present, January 2011.

  • Chelsea

    Other than the little blip on Billy’s radar about fracking, I believe, I still want this man for president. He actually gives a crap about his state, his wildlife, his people… one of the… one.

  • soozla

    Does Nungesser have any control on the situation?

  • EffTheOilCos

    Unregulated fracking is jut a blip? Jesus. Lack of proper regulation is why you guys are in this mess to begin with.

    Please keep the Republicans down there in the South where they belong and don’t foist them upon the entire nation. We already lived through an 8-year Republican nightmare with that idiot Bush and I’m not looking forward to a repeat.

  • Marie

    People are SURPRISED that they are all in bed together?! What planet are they living on?

    Our government, and every other government on the planet, is controlled by the multi-national corporations.

    Boy, thirty years of propaganda for the corporations on EVERY SINGLE NEWS CHANNEL sure has worked wonders.

  • Chelsea

    Eh eh eh eh eh, if there’s one thing we do know about Nungesser, he’s NOT A HAPPY CAMPER right alongside US. I don’t believe for one BIT that he’s in the same “bed” as the rest of them. He bought a damn shop-vac and went out into his marshes to show them who were denying any damage what exactly needed to be seen, remember? He DOES want a different way for industry to operate. Without the industries down there, even more people in LA will be in poverty than there is now. That’s a fact. He threw out the idea of fracking because he thought it’d get the companies out of the GOM; he later admitted he didn’t know much of anything about fracking. CHILL, that’s what I meant by a “blip”. Ignorance does not equal stupidity. This guy wants this fixed YESTERDAY. Trust me, I know people who know Billy; he’s not sleeping with the dogs. He’s PISSED OFF. If citizens got off their asses and formed a revolt, Billy would be at the helm, leading to where the revolt needs to go, and would be right there with us from start to finish. This guy is putting his career on the line with all of the bad language going around. Don’t you see how mad he is, against BP and the Coast Guard and the Gov’t, and FOR US? If you don’t, good luck getting anything to change on your own when you forget that Billy has some oomph on this, personally.

  • soozla

    He has had several months to speak up and do something about the plight of the people.Feeling the pain is not the same as doing something about it.
    Does he have control?

  • Chelsea

    Soozla – Nungesser was sick for a few months in the midst of this. Has everyone forgotten about that? He was out there daily in this, in a dinky boat, shop vac-ing oil from his marshes. EVERYONE down there HAS to be at least remotely “cozy” with the oil industries or they lose any power they may have. Now, it’s a different game. He’s not so “cozy” anymore. Jindal is. But I don’t think Billy is.

  • Paul

    I saw in the last two issues of “Diver” magazine articles written by Jean Michel Cousteau about the effects of the spill. Well, sort of. What I’m wondering about is why there’s a black-out of information about this thing. Earlier projections showed this spill affecting areas as far away as Ireland and Scandinavia due to prevailing currents. Now, I’m eating oysters from East Point and wondering where all the damn oil is. Is it possible this whole thing is a ruse?

  • Paul

    The only “evidence” I’ve seen in the waters of Florida’s Big Bend is that there seem to be more sharks than usual when I’m diving. Maybe this is due to marine life moving away from the spill, don’t know. Otherwise the fishing isn’t any better, nor any worse. Also the sharks are decidedly more aggressive than usual; more people are carrying powerheads on their dives. Maybe the oil’s made ’em nuts, or more so than usual. But while it sounds paranoid as hell, I can’t help wondering about the lack of oil on Florida’s coast(s) and hypothesising on the chances of it being a hoax carried out in the interest governmental control. An experiment?

    The day is young, as it were, but my innate distrust of 1) the federal government, 2) British Petroleum, and 3) Haliburton (which benefitted heavily from the invasion of Iraq), makes me highly suspicious of anything these people say. Louisiana’s oil might very easily have come from a controled spill to give the impression of a larger one. Where’s the oil now? It should be all over the Gulf Coast, sticking to all the reefs in the Keys and carrying northward in the Stream. Perhaps it is but I haven’t seen it, nor has anyone I know from all points of the state.

  • Paul:

    Great points!

    During the first several months of the BP oil volcano, the oil was visible on satellite and it could be seen as it travelled around Florida — up its East Coast, and finally, as far north as Vermont. Possibly further north, but definitely on toward Europe.

    The sharks may have become more aggressive because they are hungrier, due to a lack of sufficient food. The coral are dead for the most part, and the coral inhabitants have died off the last I heard. You can find the fish all-over-the-place along the coastline.

    Dispersants were used to hide the oil = breakup the hydrocarbons = oil becomes small particulate — but more toxic with PAH from the dispersant COREXIT. Please don’t forget: The oil is out there and IMHO is still seeping.

    The oil volcano was not an experiment — it was a purposeful act, IMHO, by the government and BP, to clear the GOM of its human population. They want it for other purposes. And, BP is a great fiend of Obama’s: Emanuel has rented a million dollar house owned by BP, in Washington, D.C. for a pittance [$500/month] if my memory serves me correctly.

    A ruse? I don’t think so.

  • soozla

    Here is the link to the situation in Florida from this very blog.

  • Gary

    Its called genocide, erradication, extermination. MURDERING YOU

    Oil is worth more than your life.
    Oil rigs will be all along the coast.

    Go get you a stinger today

    Britain is not American, they are terrorist and have been terrorist since 1814.

    We have been at war for almost a year.

    Be sure to watch that b—– wedding and bow to that fat b—-.

  • soozla

    They want you to die where you stand.
    Yes, it’s been on for almost a year.
    Our government has chosen to defend a (British)private company against the people. Look at them. Are they staring ugly at BP from behind those sunglasses.They are glaring at the people.
    BP is bringing in layer after layer of security and the people applaud.They are mistaking lockdown for freedom.
    The psychop is working well. It works especially well in areas where people enjoy shoving each other around. Those doing the shoving are good at it–those being shoved are used to it. This will work…..easy…like the “Big Easy”.

  • Gary:

    You said, “Oil is worth more than your life.” I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Did you know that the ‘banking cartels’ have a gambling game going on? Now, I can’t tell you exactly how it works, but they invest in *our* life insurance policies, and win-or-lose based on when we d*ie; this is where my confusion shows itself.

    Just let it be known that the bankers are wanting to make an ocean of profit based on how long — or how long we do not live.

  • soozla:

    You’re right. They don’t care if you succumb because they may make a big profit if you do.

  • C.Dodds

    If you have evidence of corexit poisoning or health problems following the spill, let the media know worldwide. Many journalists are sceptical about such problems because it really does seem extraordinary and incredible that the government seems to be neglecting the cries for help from people around The Gulf. if the media gets sufficient evidence they will publish more. Send your information to a feew papers. Speak up! The following site will connect you to major world papers:


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