Biggest coverup in the life of the world — “Oil everywhere” (VIDEO)

Flashpoints, KPFA, October 22, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. EDT:

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8 comments to Biggest coverup in the life of the world — “Oil everywhere” (VIDEO)

  • No Spam

    Stan meyers was murdered because he invented a car engine that runs on water.

    We should be driving cars that run on water now.

    Progress of humanity is held back by these greedy oil people who will be the cause of our extinction.

    The entire system is corrupt. The elections are controlled with the bogus non-verifiable voting machines. Sad. hopefully people will wake up.

  • Pat

    The least BP should do is tell the public what they are doing down there on a well that is supposed be capped and dead. It’s as if BP is trying to cause an explosion.The people on the Gulf seem to be asleep. NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING TO STOP BP. WHY??

  • Gary

    There’s no way to fix it, they did it on purpose.
    The land is worth more to BP (NOT AMERICA) in oil.
    Britain owns us and has decided we are now worthless.
    This is excellent attack strategy.
    They kill you take your savings and get the land for free for drilling.
    Gulf War II and we lost.
    People in the south kiss your love ones goodnight


  • Thomas Paine

    What has happened to Gregg Hall?

    His Youtube and Facebook have been scrubbed.

  • Gary

    Because I have been telling Gregg and everyone in the gulf to get out.
    You can report this all you want if YOU TOUCH THIS STUFF OR SWIM IN IT YOU WILL DIE. FUCKING DIE

    Uh! Go too sleep forever
    Does that make since?

    Dying from this is is like the oil rising


    Get the hell out of there

    At least save your kids people

  • second hand smoke

    They are going to turn everybody except themselves into oompa loompas.Its hard to believe I know but here is something to read on it Its the plan believe it or not.

  • Fox

    I think it is about time we see someone’s head on a platter for all of the lies and cover ups that have been,and still are going on. More and more oil coming ashore, people are very sick and some have died, oil in seafood, millions of dead fish and other creatures washing up on shores and now we have the man made blue plague to tend with as if there were not enough horrible things going on out there to kill off the entire gulf area and more.

    The man in charge said to the entire nation, ‘the spill was over and the water, air and seafood were safe’. What a crock of poop!

    It is about time we see his head on a platter…

    There must be a shortage of platters…

    Lies lies lies!

    How much more of this BS are we supposed to deal with before we snap and start lobbing heads?

  • Joseph K.

    Politicians are puppets. Their masters are the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Blame them for this.

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