Black Blobs streaming from seafloor (VIDEO)

Ocean Intervention ROV 1, August 11, 2010 at 3:00 a.m. EDT:

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  • Whoa! That looks bad without concessions. It’s not the intermittent methane blows we could see the previous days (when not masked or when unmasked) nor the relatively small “bubble rain”.

  • Oil Surging From Sea Floor Near BP Well

    by Fintan Dunne, 11 August 2009 11amEST

    Bad news. An undersea robot video capture by website FloridaOilSpillLaw is showing clouds of raw black crude oil surging out of the sea floor near BP’s Gulf well –where only light seeps of gases were seen before.

    BP has deliberately blurred the video to hamper clear sight of what is going on. That’s not a new development. In the last week BP have put software filters on the undersea ROV feeds to change the contrast and blur the picture. Those filters were aimed at hiding modest seeps of methane hydrate or methane. Now with something much bigger to hide, we can expect BP to do what they have done before: re-run old video from before this latest leak.

    What we are witnessing (with difficulty) is the percolation of oil up through the strata in the sea floor. As the oil rises it is fractionated so that lighter hydrocarbons are first to come out of the sea floor. This seepage has been ongoing since BP cemented in the well at the top. They sealed the pipe, but there is oil coming up the outside of the pipe in the so-called annular space between the pipe and the rough well bore. The first seepage was light hydrocarbons. Now raw crude oil is pumping out……


  • stan kohls

    All mainstream media reports the leak has stopped.
    We have no idea when the videos were made.

  • jlh

    bwahahaha, look at the sheeple referencing MSM claims – it would be funny if not so damn pathetic

  • jlh

    oh and PS fool, the date of 8/11/10 is on the bottom left

  • Dumb Me Down

    Sheeple? Did someone say “Sheeple?”

    Well, here ya go, then…

  • Mark

    Looks like M.S was speaking the truth and possibly would have had more information had they not gotten to him.
    Sad RIP M.S thanks for trying to wake up people. Before its too late.
    However there will be those who just are so blind that they will die. I wonder if BP has killed every one by starting this Domino effect and we just do not know we are dieing yet. The air is full of pollutants so is the sea. M.S Said People will die. Well we will see that I am sure after seeing this video.

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