Photo surfaces of black substance inside large fish caught by Florida man in late September

Keith Woodward’s Photos via Facebook, October 25, 2010:

I just got this from a friend fisherman in Florida.

It just shows that the oil did not disappear but is slowly getting into the food chain.

h/t Tina Johnson

FLORIDA -- Posted by Keith Woodward

Keith Woodward:

See also: Fish organs are NOT the same color as they used to be, says BP/P2S worker — “You cut them open and they’re not the same” (VIDEO)

12 comments to Photo surfaces of black substance inside large fish caught by Florida man in late September

  • up the East coast

    The quiet nightmare…too bad the fish can’t vote or bear arms!!! By the way, please do not touch crude oil, even in a fish. Your skin absorbs that crap and it will poison you. Really! (Bush/Cheney will tell you otherwise, but it’s a fact.)

  • premurderedGOM

    How can this stay quiet? For how long? Do the people not see they are basically being laughed at? The elites are mad with power and greed. It’s all so out of hand. I am begining to fear living in the U.S.

  • Jenny Lynne

    I’m so tired of seeing all of these commercials and hearing radio spots about how BP is making it right AND they are now saying, “It’s time to buy seafood from the Gulf again”. Are you kidding me?

    The whole point here is that you can’t make this situation right. The fish have ingested much of it and now it’s only a matter of time before the entire food chain is destroyed.

  • xdrfox

    I can believe it ! LQQK at this Shrimp picture and tell me what you see ! …

  • Hmmmmm

    Hmmm… “I just got this” with a date stamp of 9/21, but “just got it” on October 25th.

    Yeah, ok. And it was sat on for a month and change because?

  • Michael

    Funny how “Bush & Cheney” get brought into this discussion- when it is the Obama administration that has proclaimed the gulf safe. It is the Obama administration that rejected clean-up help offered. It is the US Coast Guard, under orders from Commander in Chief (Obama) to stop/delay/interfere with clean-up barges from Louisiana. Quit blaming Bush.

  • xdrfox

    It was posted on Face books and found by others. Some people don’t know how to disseminate things to the people in fast effective ways. Like sites as this !

  • up the East coast

    I’m not absolving Obama, but clearly Bush/Cheney are avowed, corrupt OIL BOYZ, top to bottom. And this is all about Big Oil. Bush/Cheney softened all the laws and removed any oversight at Minerals Mgt. agency to enable this to happen. Not to mention Cheney’s former company, Halliburton, where he was CEO, creating a huge conflict of interest, was a key part of this debacle. I know, it’s too obvious.
    I’ll never understand why the South keeps voting in leaders who will throw them under the bus without a second thought…?

  • Dan

    This is not oil. It is the fish’s blood line, a large vessel that runs under the spine. Whoever cut open the Mahi in the image above was sloppy and cut across the spine, spreading the dark blood around.

    Here’s a photo tutorial on gutting and filleting a salmon:

    In step 10 you can clearly see the dark line along the spine. Same thing as in the photo above, and a normal part of fish anatomy.

    The spill is a disaster, yes, but it’s bad enough without disinformation like this being spread to whip up the hysteria.

  • Dan

    Greetings Dan,

    I followed your link and compared the two and I have to disagree with you, they look nothing alike. That is black goop on that man`s finger, not blood. Your are completely dismissing this man`s ability to differentiate between blood and oil. In your pictures, the blood looks red on the table, on this man`s finger, it is black.

    One has to wonder who is spreading disinformation.

  • Tim

    I own a restaurant in the panhandle of Florida and I just had a filet of grouper returned from a customer’s table. This piece of fish definitely had an oily substance in the meat of the fish. It looked, smelled and felt just like I had just changed the oil in my car. (Looks like a duck, smells like a duck and quacks like a duck….) Whether it was oil or not is beside the point because it sure seemed like oil and those customers from Missouri are going home thinking that it was BP oil. They are telling their friends and on and on. We, of course, told them it was a bloodline but I could tell they did not believe us. I personally have lived on the gulf for 30 years and have never seen anything like it. I agree about not stirring this oily pot but my business can only take so much!

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