“Bleeding from the ears” and now “bruising rash all around my stomach” — “Looks like bleeding under the skin”

Illness Plagues Gulf Residents in BP’s Aftermath, Dahr Jamail for IPS, November 15, 2010:

“Now I have a bruising rash all around my stomach,” Denise Rednour of Long Beach, Mississippi told IPS. “This looks like bleeding under the skin.” …

[H]er primary concern is that she and many people she knows in the area have gotten sick.

“I have pain in my stomach, stabbing pains, in isolated areas,” Rednour added. “The sharp stabbing pain is all over my abdomen where this discolouration is, it’s in my arm pits and around my breasts…”

Rednour’s recent problems are a continuation of others that have beset her for months, including headaches, respiratory problems, runny nose, nausea, and bleeding from the ears.

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8 comments to “Bleeding from the ears” and now “bruising rash all around my stomach” — “Looks like bleeding under the skin”

  • Jean

    My heart aches for these folks suffering from being poisoned. Why are so few doctors willing to investigate this? Bleeding from the ears, or other body orifices, is definitely abnormal. It’s not like headaches or respiratory problems that can be blamed on a cold or flu. And for every person’s story that we’re hearing, how many more victims are out there? Probably hundreds or thousands, we’ll never know.

  • C.Dodds

    We need some precise statistics, intelligently collected by researchers who are independent of both the government and BP, and who are isolated from possible bribes.


    What percentage of people within four miles of the coast are suffering relevant poisoning?

    How many participated in the survey?

    How many people live in the tested areas?

    What percentage are suffering from the various symptoms?

    Which goverment departments and officials have been notified of these statistics?

    Publish letters and their responses.

    Are there senior officials stopping or delaying immediate responses. Who? Why?

  • xdrfox

    Read the obituaries ! Find the cause of deaths ! This will affect the elderly and the young first !

  • xdrfox

    I am on th East Coast of Fl. and I gor gassed in May onwared, having the effects of.

  • C.Dodds:

    The answer to your question, “Are there senior officials stopping or delaying immediate responses. Who? Why?” is yes.

    Please scroll to the blue box at the top of this page, and click ‘government’.
    That should provide you with sufficient material to appease your curiosity.

    It’s odd, but I don’t believe that you’re new to this site. I thought you’ve been with us for months.

  • work.buy.consume.die.

    america’s true colors are bleeding. omg why do you let them kill you and whine about it? the world is watching in horror at the freakshow. wake the f*ck up please.

  • Not only in gulf area, but the heavy spraying of chemtrails in our area seem to be affecting people I know – bleeding from their bottom – even young people – rashes – allergies – asthma – pneumonia – trouble breathing – And, congress did nothing about Corexit 9500 and Obama allowed it during hurricane season that sprayed it everywhere – or the chemtrais – on foods, soil, plants, fish, oceans – drinking water and now the radiation blowing in the wind –

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