Like an “Acid Cloud”: Entire family sickened — 10 y/o son’s nose “gushing blood everywhere”, daughter “could not breath”… NUMBNESS (VIDEO)

Interview with Lorrie Williams of Ocean Springs MS, GRC Radio (South Carolina), September 24, 2010:

Transcript Summary

Back from Orlando, FL and entire family started feeling sick…

Near beach [near home in Ocean Springs, MS]… like walking through an acid cloud, smelled like muriatic acid and burnt power steering fluid… all of a sudden… feet start burning… throat, eyes burning.

After getting home, 10 y/o son screaming my throat is on fire…

Husband and daughter could not breath next morning and son’s nose starts gushing blood everywhere… Son still can’t go outside…

Symptoms: blisters in throat and mouth, vision blurry, headaches, left arm and foot go completely numb (see below), painful joints.

Recently doctor said it “very well may be the spray” but not offering testing.

h/t BPGulfLeak

Nervous system problems:

7 comments to Like an “Acid Cloud”: Entire family sickened — 10 y/o son’s nose “gushing blood everywhere”, daughter “could not breath”… NUMBNESS (VIDEO)

  • Jessica

    BP has given Florida over $50 Million Dollars in “positive” advertising to get the tourists to come down to visit. The State of Florida owns more than $160 Million Dollars of BP stock. I live on the East Coast of Florida, Palm Beach County, and my jogging/biking days are getting more and more difficult. After my workouts, my “breathing tubes” are getting more and more inflamed. I need to drink a cup of tea/coffee after my workouts to enable myself to breathe easier. I am planning to leave before November. Florida has been taken over by BP. Do not believe any positive news…things down here are getting worse and worse. I understand and have compassion for those that cannot leave. This is their home. They have a house, job, bills to pay…not everyone can just up and leave. We need to have compassion and pray for those who cannot leave. God Bless You and Yours. I wish everyone Peace.

  • The reports about huge methane deposits with the potential to explode and cause tidal waves are true, read the warnings of prophet Linda Newkirk at Flee the Gulf regions while you can, you are being poisoned to death anyway!!!!!!!!

  • What are Linda Newkirk’s credentials? I mean other than her claim that God comes to her personally and tells her, in advance of an event — the devastation that His fury [against mankind] will bring to man and his world — the Earth.

    I can’t recall what reason she gave for God’s wrath against the innocent animals. You saw the photos. You know what has happened to them beneath the water of the GOM.

  • @Mark. Prophesies aside, yes, scientists admit that the sub sea methane could cause a tidal wave (even before the BP spill), it’s called a low probability, high impact event. Ya know, just like a meteor strike, a local supernova or a solar eruption.

    Quit fear-mongering. Focus on the real events. Fear mongering just makes the rest of us with genuine concerns (toxic poisoning, ruined economies) look like screwballs.

  • poli_sci_borg,

    [Fear mongering just makes the rest of us with genuine concerns (…) look like screwballs.]

    I like it! But shouldn’t it be the other-way-around?

  • I take it the family has been put in contact with Metametrix Labs? For testing?

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