Bow to BP: Feds will cut estimate of size of oil ‘spill’ according to EPA source

U.S. likely to cut estimate of BP oil spill size, Market Watch (Wall Street Journal), January 30, 2011:

The U.S. Government is likely to bow to pressure from BP PLC and cut its estimate of the size of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico…

[A] source at the Environmental Protection Agency told the Observer the government has agreed to reduce the estimate.

5 comments to Bow to BP: Feds will cut estimate of size of oil ‘spill’ according to EPA source

  • Jean

    Bow to BP, bow to the Queen… We quit bowing to the British over 200 years ago!!

    President Obama must be looking for big contributions from BP for his re-election campaign.

  • Obama handed the GOM to BP. This was incompetence from the beginning, flow-rates are fifth grade math, really, and this corrupt government needs to pay, not BP. Bp knows exactly how much Gas goes into your tank ( flow Rates) to the .000 decimal!!!

    If America does not wake up and Revolt, they will never get any respect. Those in power need “peace and calm,” to fleece and destroy, and WOE to the Foolish population who gives it to them.

    Revolution is the Only Way, comrades!

  • harrytheseal

    you said it..the constitution even says when the system no longer functions for us we are obligated to scrap it and start over……WAY PAST TIME TO ACT

  • xdrfox

    Why is everyone surprised !
    Been in the works for some time!
    I remeber the big visit to the WhiteHouse last Summer ?

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