There’s an “increase of petroleum product” washing ashore in Florida “hot spots” — “It has something to do with the underwater topography” admits BP

Crews working at Walton “hot spot”, Walton Sun, January 27, 2011:

Right before Christmas, BP cleanup crews returned to Walton County Beaches in large numbers as they follow SCAT (Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Techniques) reports.

The reports show an increase of petroleum product rolling onto some area beaches, especially in the Dune Allen and Topsail Hill Preserve shorelines.

“Those are hot spot areas,” said Randy Seward, BP liaison for Walton County. “It has something to do with the underwater topography…”

43 comments to There’s an “increase of petroleum product” washing ashore in Florida “hot spots” — “It has something to do with the underwater topography” admits BP

  • soozla

    The “something to do with the topography” is called the Desoto Canyon.

  • Chelsea

    @soozla – Duh, right? Jeez. They must truly believe the American people are a bunch of drooling idiots.

  • soozla

    @Chelsea–Yep, they think we are as dumb as logs.

  • Chelsea

    @soozla – I read the headline when I loaded FOSL up and just smacked my head against the wall for a while. I mean, really? REALLY?

  • soozla

    @Chelsea…and they count on the public’s short attention span.

  • Diana Erickson

    Off with their heads!

  • Well — I don’t know, but maybe I’m as dumb as a log because I can see that it’s possible.

    Tar balls form under the sand as the oil travels up through the sand, and as it ages it does dry and become very hard. The oil got there [sand] through the offshore soil columns [topography] I guess the oil remains wet if the sand is sufficiently saturated with ocean water and you will see liquid oil, as we have — just, beneath the sand.

    And we know that tarballs are also formed in the oceans water as the oil ages. And indeed, I must be crazy — but I believe BP is both telling the truth and lying and at the same time.

    Very skillfully.

  • xdrfox

    When the oil is under the sands/beaches it can not degrade because of lack of oxygen that is needed so it will be there for all time as articles … … and picture here I took of oil under the beach locally on the east coast of Florida. …

  • xdrfox

    Reminding again the is the EAST COAST of Florida ! The full article with pictures and descriptions of the scene is here. …

  • xdrfox

    This is a video of the same beach …–_what_is_that_foam_in_the_water_Video.htmlthat has been like this months before I took this video, before the video I had done only pictures … … I pity people that swam in these waters during this past summer after they told/believed to be safe.

  • xdrfox

    I may add that I did the photos and videos at a 0% moon low tide that is available about 1 day a month were the moon is pulling away from furtherest point so there is a very low tide and revealing what is under the waves. The 1st post second link @ at 6:43 am,
    link pictures where taken 2 months prior.

  • xdrfox:

    I did not say that tarballs are not oil or that oil is not oil. I didn’t say anything about oil degrading. I said aging, and I described how the oil and tarballs arrive in the first place, by rising up through the sand, and/or coming in with the waves.

    As we know, tarballs are just as toxic as is liquid oil. And that oil remains hazardous for all life forms almost forever.

  • xdrfox

    Yes, these are also factors in way oil behaves after it is settled. My thoughts are that the Coexit is what is making it sink & that new synthetic virus that was to make 40% more oil extractable from the Macondo well is also allowing the oil to and worm it’s way into the sands and shores leeching into the sands and shores that will find it’s way to the aquifers. The tarballs that are UNDER the sands at beaches are there because they were covered dump truck loads of white sands by BP crews.

  • soozla

    BP has also used a tremendous amount of Corexit on the sand itself to sink it– right where it is.Sorry no link —trust me on this one…and then continue to dump fresh sand.Some areas it is against the law to dig below a certain depth, some places illegal to do dig at all. The mixture of oil and dispersant mix increases the toxicity of the materials and no matter what age or composition is comprised of these same toxins in various states….and perhaps by-products–which advanced science should have already addressed.

  • I wonder if they are lying about the well and product is still spilling into the gulf. I mean really, the us government and bp are not trustworthy organizations. Too much oil washing up everywhere. I hear more Dead Fish and oil washed up in England.

    I want several independent sources to investigate. Additionally, the condition of the seafloor needs properly investigated. The government and BP are criminal organizations.

    Everyone says, the government is incompetent and cant count; why should they test the water, seafood, air quality or inspect wells and seafloor conditions?

    Mabey, they are afraid people will panic so this is the result. Lies, Lies, Lies.

  • Billy Dale

    The GOM seafloor is fractured. Cannot be fixed. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the energy cartel or our govt. to announce anything resembling
    ” houston, we have a problem..”
    This fact, added to the virus/GMO’s, bacteria, corexit and lord knows what else has been dumped into the GOM in order that they conceal their evil.

  • True. However, I would expect the people to demand independent confirmation. Simmons blew the whistle and I think he was correct. All the evidence, including the continued use of corexit -to sink oil- point to this conclusion.

    Why … how many times did BP get caught in the Photoshop??? BRAHAHAHAHHAHAHH!!!!

    And what happens when a Major Hurricane hits?

    The government has sold the GOM to BP. people have to go to BP for Claims…WOW!!! WTF kind of idiot would approve that its tantamount to going to a criminal and begging for justice!

    I guess its ok, because Obama did it? Now, would it not have been proper for the government to process the claims of its citizens and then BILL BP!!!! Hell, if I were BP, I would tie this up until dooms day and they have a fiduciary obligation to do so, which is more then I can say for the us government.

    I think Americans need to wake up and smell the corexit. The Government is Who’s AZZZZZZ needs Kicked.

  • xdrfox

    You know, I had not thought about that scenario, spraying the beaches, maybe thats why people so close to shore have been complaining about being sprayed ! Hearing the planes. I seen the Coast Guard Helicopter going up and down the Halifax River today, like they were spotting for something. Saw quite a few areas that looked like sheen on it and the algae is still growing in winter ? Seen BIG patches of Sea Kelp growing too ? Spotted many dead juvenile crabs, took photos of all of this. Must be all the iron they put in there to make the algae and kelp grow.

  • soozla

    We have two types of algae out there—note they are not complimentary.
    Nalco makes four types of Corexit.
    Corexit 9500
    Corexit(R) 9500A
    Coxexit EC9527A
    Corexit EC9580A
    Three contain this….
    All other ingredients come with separate precautionaries as well.

  • soozla

    ……on wikipedia post above please see acid catalysts.

  • xdrfox:

    Oil need not sink to be found under the sand. It need not be placed there from above. And, it need not be buried by workers with trucks hauling the clean sand in to hide the oil or tarballs.

    It can flow beneath the water and enter the sand/beach from below.

    oil & water —-> /

    I hope my little graph survives the printout. Teeheehee.

  • Well, it certainly didn’t survive. So, just to add…

    ~ water
    W water
    B Beach
    / Ocean bowl periphery

  • C.Dodds

    if corexit is still being sprayed because another well mentioned by DK Lim is still spilling, or because there is oil leaking from the canyon area, oceans of the world could soon be poisoned. Ís this the black sea predicted in the Hopi prophecies? It should be a criminal offence to use or permit corexit to continue to be sprayed. Is it? If not, why not?

  • soozla

    It amazes me how easily they toss the word ” burn” around. In addition to the by-prducts of “burning” oil… three of forms of Corexit evolve into oxides of sulfurunder fire conditions.

  • xdrfox

    Yes but the additives have helped it a lot, (even your graph pic says oil & water —-> /)and I know all the beaches have not been coved with sand, the marsh in La. is a good example of it being under the mud all along a walkabout as shown in a video. My beach was not covered in sand but not sure if it was sprayed but The foam and oil is there and you can see the pictures above and below the surface. But in all truth, I am new at this being my first “WORST EVER MAN MADE DISASTER OF OIL” I had to take a steep learning curve as many have.

  • xdrfox

    There are just too many videos surfacing here of late with the white and brown foam being taped that I have seen so I concur that it is still being used. Need to catch them in applications on videos.

  • xdrfox

    ~ water
    W water
    B Beach
    / Ocean bowl periphery

    Glad you did that, I was lost …. : D

  • soozla

    In the first dated 12/12/-2010 a dispersant release can be seen at the mouths of the rivers between Louisiana and Texas. The second –is from 1/7/2011—showing no activity toward the east and the third– a large release on 1/8/ 2011

  • I’m learning too.

    Do keep in mind that I was only talking about tarballs and how some arrived at the surface of the sand from under the sand, having originated from the Gulf of Mexico as liquid, delivered to the underwater terrain, carried to the sand under the water, and liquid oil entered beneath the sandy beach.

    The oil travels up through the sand which requires a lot of time, enough time that the oil ages and yes, begins to adhere to itself. The oil may have started out as riverlets of oil, but by the time it reaches the top, it can be quite aged [tarballs] — and yet, just as toxic as it ever was.

    I believe that the water demanding sand will take whatever it can get from the oil, hence, the enhanced creation of tarballs –just beneath the surface of the sand. : D

  • soozla:

    Yes, I’ve seen your first photo before and on this site.

    It looks more like a pattern purposely created in our upper atmosphere to create storms: Richard Hoagland calls them a hyperdimensional grid for storm creation. They are put in place as much as a couple of weeks before the storm occurs.

    I don’t understand it totally, but it’s purpose is for use as a military weapon. Hurricane Katrina was one of those storms created from positive and negative ions/atmospheric energy.

    You can google “hyperdimensional storms and Richard Hoagland” to watch his animated video that he filmed in real time.

  • matthew

    what about in the summer when the sand is no longer cold from winter, will the tarballs melt in the hot sands?

  • xdrfox

    You see the green areas near shores and out, I looked at other space photos last Nov. and the algea was really growing everywhere…This is a serious environmental problem… EPA administrator says ……_EPA_administrator_says.html

  • soozla

    B & B— I am not demonstrating in the sats. above.. chem-trailing–it is meant to show the obvious dumping of dispersant into freshwater outlets.
    Although it seems one is good for that purpose as well…
    I will check the Richard Hoagland–tip.

  • matthew:

    I don’t know, but commom sense tells me that the tarballs will be too dry to liquify to any measurable liquid oil.

    Nonetheless, it is just as toxic fresh oil.

  • soozla:

    Your AERONET satellite images are ‘back-slapping-great’!

    What was going on as far as the aerosol spraying, we’ll never have proof, although we all know that it happened, and that it continues to happen. The volume of the aerosolized corexit will sicken thousands, and the storms and winds will carry it to geograpical locations far removed from the Gulf Coast of the United States. Thousands of deaths will result over the next few years.

    However, the wonderful satellite images are not of the corexit being sprayed, but is a “Weather Modification” effort by the government/military or corporate origin. The ionic grids are obvious and are seen as the very dense, individual lines seen together in groups before the actual cloud formation.

    It’s very interesting to watch as you go from picture-to-picture. Note the expansion of the grid followed by cloud formation in the same area. I have personally observed this cloud making for years, and it used to cause rain or snow within a few to 24 hours. Now, more than anything, you will get a chalk white sky once the clouds have all merged.

    IMHO, this is done to occlude the sky [hiding something] or to create rain or snow.

    On-the-other-hand, corexit will not remain airborne, it drops to the Earth almost immediately, whereas the man-made clouds remain high in our atmosphere to produce rain, or to disperse biomedical chemicals as they fall to Earth: Clouds do not contain RBC’s, Morgellons’ disease [thread-like nanoparticles] that invade human tissue, barium, mercury, aluminum, prozac….

  • Are We The Experiment:

    It’s been a long journey since childhood. Before, when our Mother’s tucked us in we knew we were safe. We rolled over, and smiled under our blanket, confident that the world was safe and that we were wellcared for. The arrival of Adulthood contradicts that childish belief in most of us, but others still carry that belief; To them I say…

    BP has destroyed the Gulf of Mexico; BP doesn’t care about innocent children; BP doesn’t care about human beings or animals; BP wasted the lives and livelihood of those living along the coast *just* for profit, and BP is attempting to dodge responsibility.

    Will our legislators allow BP to continue without imprisonment? Is it up to us to insist that the Judicial system step in and right the axis that is tilted toward lawlessness?

    Do you care? If so — do something.

  • Jack

    The “do something” is what’s the puzzle.
    I remember Peter Coyote a couple years ago on LINK-TV
    sitting there in a nice padded armchair, saying
    this new generation needs to “take it to the streets”.
    I had to really drop a few admiration points for old Coyote,
    as he is ignoring the deadly threat to the kids now,
    ignoring what they (Black Block US DELTA Force criminals) did at the WTO, at Genoa, at the Minneapolis Convention.
    Do you care?
    Let’s zone in, Biscuit, and battlefield-analyze what is really
    happening, and what is defensible, and what is not.
    Your whole Southeast US is DEAD and DON’T KNOW IT.
    This storm blowing hard onshore today,
    the news is showing up to Birmingham and over to the
    Carolina coast, y’all are going to receive winds and rains
    coming from directly over the spill areas, the churning
    tides releasing trapped methane/corexit/volatiles into the
    air, and sickening y’all very soon.
    What is a Battlefield General to do, Biscuit?
    Strategic withdrawal of forces for survival.
    The corporations own the minds of the young dumbshit
    soldiers who will be tasked to “Police” you.
    Young dumbshit murdering Veteran hip-hop gangsta
    martial law Cops will shove you around in your Southern
    town. This is what they have in planning for us.
    I think our “Judicial system” is completely Evil, corrupted,
    and utterly Useless toward Combatting the Devil.
    Discretion is the Better part of Valor.
    Some folks see it as a “cop out”, if you don’t please those
    folks by standing in solidarity with them, as they PERISH
    because of their IGNORANCE.
    In the Final Analysis, Biscuit,
    This World is Not My Home, I’m just a-passin’ through-
    my treasures are laid Up,
    Somewhere beyond the Blue.
    The Angels beckon me,
    from Heaven’s open door.
    and I can’t
    feel at home
    in this world

  • xdrfox

    DHL Express has agreed to pay an $80,000 fine to the Ohio EPA for violating its wastewater permit in 2007 and 2008 at its former hub in Wilmington. The Ohio EPA said when DHL increased operations in Wilmington the treatment system wasn’t enlarged to handle increased “de-icing wastewater” into Cowen Creek. In May 2008, …

  • Jack:

    You’re preaching to the choir! Obviously you are unfamiliar with my discussions here at FOSL.

    When I said “do something” I meant for the people to call their senators and their congressmen, and anyone else whose ear may be adorned with the rings of power and money, to actually force their issues to the forefront.

    The information of what’s going on in the coastal areas along the Gulf of Mexico must reach all ears, all hearts and minds — all countries, all politicians, all kings, all queens….

    The young must be loud and boisterous! Our government is wearing ear-muffs so it will be necessary to holler-out-loud.
    They can do what I cannot; visit the offices of their government agencies and legislators in droves and often until they determine that they will do more than micro-manage your ‘claims money’. They need to give it to you.

    The DWH is still going strong — it will never stop: The United States government knows and BP knows, and they have abandoned the people as though they are of no more importance than rodents, as their health continues to fail.

    The news mediums are engaged elsewhere; they’re busy discussing Kuccinich’s tooth, and wikileaks: Perhaps they could better serve those living along the coastal regions of the gulf and their communities by acknowledging the peoples predicament, financially and healthwise. The people don’t need to be studied by the universities [condition of your mind] — they need financial help and guidance on relocation.

    And yes, those winds are-a-coming — again-and-again-and….

    The *** OATH KEEPERS *** have sworn to never turn their guns on the American people.

  • Jack:

    You said…

    “This World is Not My Home, I’m just a passin’ through –
    my treasures are Paid up,
    Somewhere beyond the Blue. The Angels beckon me,
    from Heaven’s open door.
    and I can’t
    feel at home
    in this world

    If I were sitting on a park bench, and you came along and sat down next to me, and then said that to me, I’d take you under-my-wings and give you a good *scolding*. But I’d do it real gentle, because I know you’re depressed.

    I’d ask you what makes you think the Angels are beckoning you from Heaven’s open door? And then you add that “I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.”

    I’d say it sounds like you’ve gone down so low in the gloom that you’ve come in contact with the devil himself. Ain’t nothing so bad that you must rush off to an early grave to satisfy the devil. You need to keep living to honor the “Gift of Life” God gave you. And, you have no idea how you may be needed here on Earth.

    We are all of one flesh. We’re living in an universal ocean made up of dark energy which binds us all together in a delightfully perfect pool. But, when you splash, you’ve disturbed the delicate energy spaces of the others, and a discordant resonance is created that ripples throughout our universe.

    It’s pure negativity. Please consider the consequences when you decide to vacate the space God left in your charge. You are not where you are by accident. It is of God’s will and he has work for you to do, and you cannot behave like a child — and throw a tantrum when things aren’t going your way. So, just lift that chin of yours, high, and thank your lucky stars that God has elected to use you to affect/effect the lives of those who occupy the spaces near your own in the universal community. Your negative actions will have repercussions that we will be left to mend.

    You are at home in this world. If you don’t think so, just ask God. If you don’t believe in God, then ask your family. Do you have children? Maybe they’d like the honor to answer the question. And, if after all that I’ve said to you, and you’re still sitting next to me on the bench, I’d pat you on the shoulder and tell’ya I got some southern cooking skills that’ll put you in a heavenly state. Do you like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, string beans flavored with hambone, corn-on-the-cob, fresh butter and milk, with sky high biscuits? Well, I thought so, so come along.

    And please call me Grandma.

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