BP CEO apologizes for Gulf disaster… to oil industry

BP chief Bob Dudley apologises for Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Telegraph, March 9, 2011:

Bob Dudley, BP chief executive, has apologised for the Gulf of Mexico disaster last year that killed 11 people and caused the biggest offshore oil spill in history… at at a high-profile CERAWeek energy conference on Tuesday.

“This is the first chance I have had to address such a large gathering of industry colleagues and the first thing I want to say is that I am sorry for what happened last year,” Mr Dudley said

4 comments to BP CEO apologizes for Gulf disaster… to oil industry

  • monkey99

    Thanks, Spud! now if you could drop an apology to the residents of the Gulf Coast and the rest of the country, that would be mighty nice of you. waiting … waiting …

  • Bob Dudley:

    Shutup! We’ve had enough of the lies and the intentional attempts to lessen the catastrophe that The BP oil explosion caused, in the eyes of the less discerning public.

    They will remain unenlightened as long as “the dogs” make the most devastating event to have taken place on Earth, seem like a little oil sniffle. But, one day they will know you for what you are, and trust me, they will realize that you would not be the ‘head honcho’ presently, were you not willing to follow the dictates of “the big boys.”

    You’ve been a “big boy” for some time now, and you’re still working hard to keep the secret from the public.

    But hallelujah!!! You will fail. And we all know that $20,000,000,000.00 will in no way compensate the world for what BP has done; especially those dead and dying marine mammals who sufferred for hours — days, and the people who are now, and who will suffer the same fate in their short future.

    Brush off our spit and get outta here, and see that the BP accountants start writing many more checks for many more billions of dollars than they had planned. And faster!

  • Mauibrad

    He is sorry? What about Tony Hayward who said BP would clean up every last drop of oil, instead they have not cleaned up the oil, they have just dispersed it with millions of gallons of equally toxic dispersant.

  • Dixie

    I hope he rots in HELL!

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