BP cleanup supervisor told neighbors that only HAZMAT crews would be allowed back into areas hit by storm (VIDEO)

PS2 Supervisor Recounts Conversation Between BP officials at Green Acres Command Center, Jerry Cope (jerrycope1), October 5, 2010:

John Bean a Supervisor for BP subcontractor PS2 in charge of beach operations along the coast in Alabama and at the “Green Acres” command center.

Transcript Summary

(5:30 in)

BEAN: Told neighbors in September… go to Greenville… take all your valuables, anything you want to put your hands on, and put in safe depost box… if we get a storm in here… 50-75 miles from coast… Foley, AL and south is going to be contaminated… if you’re not hazmat certified, you would not be allowed to go home…

7 comments to BP cleanup supervisor told neighbors that only HAZMAT crews would be allowed back into areas hit by storm (VIDEO)

  • kingfish33919

    It would seem obvious that the powers that be in the MSM know what is going on.. With so many millions of people directly affected – and so much at stake the obvious question -how does BP and Government keep a cap on the dissemination of this information. I make no secret of it – I believe in conspiracy – JFK, Gulf of Tomkin, the twin towers – but this one takes the cake.

  • premurderedGOM

    Check this out before the blowout. CEO/Goldman Sachs dumps 44% shares 3 wks prior; UBS Swiss Bank[rothchild] dumped 99% shares as did Wachovia/Wells Fargo; Tony Haywood sold 1/3 holdings[all he had] on March 17; Warren Buffett buys Nalco [corexit] 2009, appoints new Chinese CEO, heavy ties with China industry; Nalco linked to Citigroup, Al Gore, George Soros…etc. Now onto the people directly affected, healthwise, in the GOM. Obamacare has already started. This is fact. it was signed into law 6 mos ago along with Codex Alimentarius. All while the oil was gushing and no one was paying attention. The media was silent. Obama”s stocks are as follows: Global Healthcare, drug giants:Glaxo Smith-Kline ,Novartis, Pfzer. Plus many Green Energy firms. Are you getting this? Any bells or whistles going off? Warning lights? If you want a future, it won’t be here. America is finished. RUN…..

  • Premurdered: The stock sale happened shortly after the Powers That Be (and soon to be the powers that once were) found out about the original problem on February 13th. They all traded on inside information. Not only that, they profited from the worst environmental catastrophe in human history. How much time did Martha do? What BP, TransOcean, hallilliburton, Schlumberger, Nalco, Buffet, Obama and all teh other cretins have done is the worst crime against humanity and yet these scum continue to live it up, lying to the people so they can finish raping and pillaging the planet. The only thing that make me angrier is the lack of response by the majority of the US population. Oil? What oil?

  • The banking cartels are knee-deep in this mess. They make and carryout plans with precise preparations: They are not burdened with a conscience and they sincerely worship Lucifer, because they think he has more power than God — and they want that power.

    The reason they carryout and create such extreme levels of bloodshed is to sacrifice our blood in order to gain his favor. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the power satans will allow them, as an expression of his pleasure and favor.

    SATANIC hand sign they use to recognize each other:




    yep GOM , also the rig that exploded was not the same one that was there just two weeks before, thats what I heard from someone who WAS ON THE OTHER ONE. I suppose he could have been on that same rig, but I think he would have said I was on that rig two weeks before and not “we were at that spot two weeks ago” (referring to another rig)

    May I also present the fact that closet communist , freemason, and loyal knight of the BTCH queen – Warren Buffett (ALSO INVOLVED IN 911) bought Nalco, the producer of Corexit only 14.5 months before this happened. How could he have known that this poison would be allowed to be dumped and dumped and dumped and then dumped some more despite the EPA saying NO and despite that its toxicity levels are WELL-KNOWN. Hmmmmmmmm.
    Lets take a lesson from Hungary and arrest these fools. Obviously it will need to be a citizens’ arrest because there isn’t one G-D person in the government who gives a crap about anything other than trying to get some money off ole Buffett rather than prosecuting mass crimes against humanity and the ONLY PLANET WE HAVE

  • Fullofit

    BP had to apply to the EPA for a permit to use dispersants every 24 hours. And every 24 hours the EPA approved it. But don’t let facts get in the way of your moronic rantings…..its far more fun to fan the flames with total and utter BS than to stick to the truth….

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