BP cleanup worker: “They was spraying them chemicals on us at night, while we was sleeping” (VIDEO)

Part I of The Consequence of Oil, by Mark Manning, Global Access Media, October 26, 2010:

Full video here:

The Consequence of Oil from Global Access Media on Vimeo.

8 comments to BP cleanup worker: “They was spraying them chemicals on us at night, while we was sleeping” (VIDEO)

  • Morocco Bama

    Considering that opening line, in addition to paying for all of the destruction they have caused, BP should foot the bill for grammar lessons for Gulf Coast residents. They can consider it a good will gesture to let the Small People know they care.

  • a female faust

    in poor taste, as in, not funny. variant grammatical usage a common phenomenon of dialect (or, when expressed visually, topography). grow a mirror neuron and put yourself in the others’ shoes. if that dosn’t work, remember your own imperfect past. as a last resort, memorize the rules derived from friendly advice such as this.

    heaven help me if i missed a typo.

    God bless us and save us all.

  • Morocco Bama

    Yeah, God saved us from BP, didn’t he? He is a he, afterall, so don’t mind if I call him one. God loves the bullies, doesn’t he? The bullies seem to always get their way, and God seems just fine with that.

    Nice rationalization on the lack of grammar skills. It is funny….you just don’t have a sense of humor, but that’s alright, you can’t help it, you’re a Christian, and one thing devout Christians have no capacity for, is humor.

    Nice, stylish use of no caps, though. You’re so trendy and hip except when you blew it with the “heaven help me” and “God Bless us and save us all” comments.

    You are a perfect example of this diabolical system. Your profile requires perpetual victimhood so you can constantly pity the less fortunate, and thus take stock and security in your blessed and exalted status announcing, without moving your lips, “there but for the grace of God, go I.”

  • FishHeadfromFL

    “Moronobama” (how’s that for humor, jackass?) You are making fun of MY people, now. Working class Southern people have no access to decent education and no money to buy it. Even at that, they are a million times more honorable and decent that you will ever be. I don’t pretend to have high and mighty words and I am not a gifted smartass like you. I can tell you, however, that if you set foot in the Gulf states and start shooting your damn mouth off like this, you’ll be eating your teeth, and rightly so. Over.

  • Morocco Bama

    FishHeadUpYourAss, you are humorous, and don’t even know it.

    You’re such a big meany. Why are you such a meany?

    BP comes and craps down your throat and your kids’ throats in your own backyard, and you don’t lift a finger, but you’re threatening someone via an internet connection for pointing out the hilarity of leading a story with that grammatically grosteque line?

    Rednecks are cowards. They cower when there’s a real fight. They ignore the 20,000 lb. elephant in the room that’s stomping them, and instead issue empty threats at phantom mice.

    You’re a hoot. You really are. And, with that attitude, character and intellect, you deserve what you get, which is BP’s fist up your you know what.


    Hey there bama stfu. How do you type and give head at the same time? You are just soooo smart! Must have your boyfriend proofread your work, while your stuffing gerbils up his ass.


    Im just guessing here Bama…you got your ass kicked alot when you were growing up. Big words can’t save you.


    How’s the pink eye you fucktard? See short and to the point. You ever seen deliverance? Come to the gulf area if you want to keep talking smack. Oh,
    I know your feeling this.

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