BP to cleanup workers: “THE OIL IS GONE” and you’re dismissed — Tar balls just an inch below surface, exposed when wind blows

Hundreds of BP Workers Laid off, WEAR, September 20, 2010:


At least 200 beach clean up workers… showed up for work yesterday morning, only to find out BP has dismissed them…

Workers were told that the oil is gone…

Clean up employees say tar balls are sitting just an inch or so below the surface and wind brings it right to the top.

Updated with video below:

10 comments to BP to cleanup workers: “THE OIL IS GONE” and you’re dismissed — Tar balls just an inch below surface, exposed when wind blows

  • BP is a dastardly bunch of evil men and women, who are trying to ‘shake-off’ the workers like so much lint on their expensive clothing.

    And always be afraid when they mention mental health: They can/will deny any claims based on a convenient diagnosis of mental illness, whatever; just accuse you of carrying out a scam.

    BP is ruthless! Look at what they’ve done to most of the people living along the coast, and the precious animals who lived in the ocean, on the beach, and in the grassy havens.

  • Betsy S.

    Will they now talk to the media?

  • Gary

    Don’t worry. Those BP workers were hired to do the dirty work, they made a little money and now the queen has left them.
    They will be dead in 10 years(most likely less) from the toxins.
    People in the south LEAVE as you are being exterminated. Old people get out
    Get your kids out
    When it rains it pours but not what you want
    This has yet to start people
    Gulf War II day 160 and we lost
    Bio terror at its finest

  • premurderedGOM

    Gary is right. WE are LEAVING. And no, I can’t afford it. Every alarm in my being is screaming to go, run. There is methane and oil still seeping. Hence the fish kills. The gas is a big problem with the fish kills. It will kill humans too. The hydrocarbons are trapped in the water/oil mix and some of it comes to the surface where it breaks and enters the atmosphere. A few good storms should start killing people when lots and lots of gas explodes into the air. It depletes oxygen on land! Look up Lake Nyos or Limnic eruptions to see what will probably happen in the GOM. RUN….

  • Edmon

    Kinda scary isn’t it. I agree, BP is bailing and how in the world can this situation be rectified? Damage has been done and there is nothing we can do about it. Has anyone got an idea as to what move we make now?
    I’ve always been a true American Proud and respected, but I find myself wondering how life would be in another country like New Zealand or maybe Australia. Of course that would mean ‘Culturual Shock’ for most of us especially after 60+ years of living the American Dream. Giving up everything you’ve worked and sweated for.
    Thanks BP, You really screwed us. Overpriced fuel and now this.What you did was plain and simply felonious

  • Stop yer yammering and have some fun!

    This Site’s been tellin’ it like it is since it all started…


    The reason this (and soooo much more)is coming YOUR way is called APATHY. Look it up. You’ll find it in an old fashioned book called a dictionary.

  • Edmon,

    Please try to keep your spirits up. If you have a God, please allow him to embrace you and your family. You will know his arms are around you in a big bear hug when you feel His soothing peace, and His ethereal voice calming your spirit.

    Please leave if possible. If you have children, maybe you can travel to where they live and discuss your situation with them. Now would be a good time for that visit if they live a good distance away, because your health is important. If your home and air is not polluted, you can return to it a little later.

    God is with you.

  • Left Tampa

    My wife and I left Tampa, Fl. just about 2 months ago because we know what is coming to those that insist on staying and believing the lies that the media and gov. are telling them, that it is safe.
    We are happy to be out of there, though we fear for family and friends that stay and wait for the next wave of the “attack” that is sure to come…

  • Jeremiah Minahan

    I live near Pensacola Florida, and was involved in the oil cleanup on the beach. We may not have gotten it all ( nothing’s 100%) but we got everything they would let us (something about environmental issues keeping us from digging too far down in the sand) and mother nature will do the rest. We survived breathing DDT back in the 50’s so we’ll survive this too!

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