BP COMPLETELY REMOVES 13 FEEDS FROM WEBSITE– Only four ROVs remain online, with just one streaming video

Remaining live feeds from the Gulf of Mexico ROVs, BP.com, September 13, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. EDT:

Q4000 ROV 1
Q4000 ROV 2
Olympic Challenger ROV 1
Olympics Challenger ROV 2

12 comments to BP COMPLETELY REMOVES 13 FEEDS FROM WEBSITE– Only four ROVs remain online, with just one streaming video

  • inquiring mind

    curious, indeed. makes you wonder if they are not concealing something.

  • RRae

    I just followed your link and there were no feeds at all there. 9-13-10 12:15 pm MTN.

  • mp25

    hey everyone, feel free to post this massive concern wherever you see fit.mp25

    for those still watching, i am sure
    you already know


    for those who think it imperative to public oversight to see them back asap, please contact:


    Thank you from the Gulf.

  • stix

    Since BP has managed to progressively remove positional data (E,N Lambert coordinates or x,y equivalent) from the public videos, the viewable information they publish has become completely useless. You may see something sometimes, but you have no certainty of where the images were shot and you cannot prove anything to anyone nor in courts. This is equivalent to a total blackout.

  • Pat


    Hmmmm is correct.
    We know BP/govt has a lot at stake, and when they have to do this – something is seriously wrong.

  • this country has been seized by something that stands fast against the people — all govt representatives are the enemy who are using chem warfare, enough is enough – stand up people, c’mon!

  • 322skull

    Excellllllennnt…….Historia est magistra vitae……..word for word…….Binary Weapons ……. A flot transporte par eau……..A fortiori………….322

  • Outraged

    Every American needs to pick a day and stay home from work and school. Shut the dam country down until we get some answers. Honest answers! Not the BS we have been fed since this started! If we don’t take back the country, and soon, we are all doomed!

  • Mark

    Outraged: They tried that before however the sleepers and those who just didn’t give a dam went out a did their normal things just to show they could. The fact is there are better than 70% Percent of Americans that are under a spell and are sleeping . They are still plugged in to the system believing the lies and living as if they have no clue what the hell is going on with our world our government or our economy i have sleepers in my own family who are so out of it they didn’t even know there was a Spill till I told them or for that matter any other 9/11 story other than the governments lie. So until they if ever can be awakened they are the enemy and will be unable to be trusted. Do not talk of your plans to them because they will turn on you. In world war Two many told there families friends of the dangers coming and those supposed trusted people turned them in to the government as traitors trying to prove their loyalty to Hitler saying better to join the beast than be against him. Well only later when the beast took them to the gas chambers or to be stood naked and shot or even worse starved to death in camps did they say only if we would have loosened we had numbers that could have fought back why did we not loosen? It is the same now many are unable to see or believe we are in the same situation although with different players its the same game of power and NWO Idea of take over at the expense of human life and Environment. No we awake may have to face our own family members on the battle Fields and possibly like the Civil war battle them. Sides are being drawn now and wars are coming here sadly. people will rise up and then their will be people who stand down and join a wicked evil Government of lies. That is just the way it is. Hard pill to swallow but the matrix has them.

  • Come on folks, stop yer yammering and have some fun!


    It might be funny now but just wait ’till the bodies start pilin’ up.

    Yee, Haaa! Ain’t it great to live in a fascist state! (Hey, it rhymes!)


  • I recently discovered your blog/website and have actually enjoyed reading this and some of your other posts. I thought I would dive out from the shadows and leave my first comment. I’m not sure what to say other than I’ve enjoyed reading and will continue to visit as generally as I can.

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