BP Contractor: Oil will keep coming in for years — “Fishermen expect it will get WORSE THIS WINTER due to the shifting tides and change in sea temperature”

BP’s well is dead, but so are the fish, NRDC Switchboard, September 19, 2010:

[F]ishermen here say… it’s coming in with the tides and that the oil’s underwater and on the bottom. All it takes it the right wind, the right current, the right conditions, and the oil is back.

Fishermen expect it will get worse this winter due to the shifting tides and change in sea temperature.

Mike Brewer, a BP contractor and oil cleanup expert running for local council in Buras… believes the oil will keep coming in for years.

Brewer says workers on the beach still clean up one area, then come back the next day and the tar balls are right back in the same place, washed in with the tides. Like Sisyphus, workers seem to have an endless task of cleaning up the same tar balls that just keep rolling in.

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