BP contractors now “DRILLING FOR OIL ON Alabama BEACHES”… “and finding it” — Tourist “amazed” at what’s down there (VIDEO)

Oil found in layers below AL beaches, WKRG, Septmeber 29, 2010:

Transcript Excerpt

ORANGE BEACH – Drilling for oil on Alabama beaches. “We’re looking for sub surface oil,” says team leader Jason Howes with Polaris Applied Sciences. His team is drilling for oil and finding it.

“We start at the low water line and work up beyond the high tide line into the back shore. Over the crest of the berm is where we find some real thick accumulations,” says Howes.

Curiosity got the best of a family vacationing from Kentucky. “We were just wondering what in the world they were doing and they were cordial [possibly ‘core drilling’] and were trying to find out how deep the oil had gone.” At first glance Jimmy Blackwell says he would not think there was any oil here. “You walk out here and you wouldn’t have no idea what’s going on. You think yeah theres a few tar balls on the edge of the water but after seeing the core drill oh yeah that was about a foot down. I’m amazed.” …

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6 comments to BP contractors now “DRILLING FOR OIL ON Alabama BEACHES”… “and finding it” — Tourist “amazed” at what’s down there (VIDEO)

  • premurderedGOM


  • Thomas Paine

    Yes, unfortunately people ARE that stupid. But to make matters worse, there’s just about a total news blackout on the Gulf Disaster. Much like there is almost a total news blackout (on the “mainstream” anyway) about most of the truly critical matters facing this country, the Gulf region, and the world. Almost like they’re in cahoots, no?

    Why is floridaoilspilllaw one of the very few places where one can read the news of this catastrophe? Where’s the fourth estate in raising people’s awareness. Are they complicit because they have the same owners?

  • Gaza

    Ignorance. What’s there to say?
    It’s been going on for millenia.

  • Yes Thomas Paine, truly and literally.

    The “think tank” owners such as the Rothchild’s, Rockefeller’s…. spin their reality for us. However, the fourth estate is causing their own demise; who depends on them for the news now? Only those who do not have access to alternative sources for the news.

  • Gary

    Blow the well
    Poison the whole gulf to collect oil on the land. You know my d—- ass friends tell me we should drill here on land.
    Well if they poison the locals and kill the tourist then they get all the land.
    Damm! I still say Gulf War II and we need a military.
    The south is being genocided

  • Gary

    Why isn’t anyone killing these f—-
    They are terrorist, they are foreign owned
    F— them, they are killin you people

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