BP now in charge of re-educating students in public schools “to dispel myths about dispersants” — With SPECIAL help from Feds

BP educates Terrebonne students on oil spill, Tri-Parish Times, Thursday, September 30, 2010:


Eighth grade students… were able to sit in on one of four scheduled science demonstrations last Wednesday prepared by BP and Gary Ott of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). …

Janella Newsome, BP media liaison said in a press release… “It’s… to dispel myths about dispersants, subsurface oil and seafood safety.” “This is the first session of many going on,” Charles Gaiennie, a BP representative said at Oaklawn’s library last week. …

Jaycie Jones, 13… asked why people had blamed BP for the spill. …

“When you have a spill and it’s going on day after day and you think it’s going to affect your life and your ability to fish and have a job, you feel helpless and you get angry,” [NOAA‘s] Ott responded. “That’s what people do when they feel helpless, and who are they going to blame? They’re going to blame someone. So, one company that stood up was BP because they had interest in that well, and they took the heat.”

See a report on the initial “demonstration”: Re-education? NOAA tells eighth graders to eat seafood: “Oil floats. See, we’ve tested it.” — Trying to combat worries kids hear “from their families”… more events planned

21 comments to BP now in charge of re-educating students in public schools “to dispel myths about dispersants” — With SPECIAL help from Feds

  • premurderedGOM

    Wow, BP takes blame for something they caused? And thats a pretty stupid question for a 13 yr old! Good ole American indoctrination, by a foreign company! Holy S*IT!!!!!

  • ghana

    What parent that isn’t a mentally challenged imbicle would allow their child to attend such a disgusting load of shit? I have raged and cried for my brothers and sisters here living on the coast with me for the harm being delivered to us by collusion. However, for those who continue to support their own deaths; good riddance to you and your offspring! The country and gulf will be better off without you!

  • jec

    BP should NOT be involved in any “indoctrination” of our children — and for NOAA to help!!! I am surprised the school board(s) allowed this program. What happened–did someone bribe the schools? Shame.

  • TSGordon

    This ends all current and future credibility of the US Government.

  • mirror, mirror

    This sounds EXACTLY like the ‘reasoning’ and indoctrination methods the zionists use on the world – and idiot evangelicals- to sell their crimes through the centuries.

    the prbolem is US folks, for tolerating this shit and doing nothing but bitch behind the safety of our keyboards while our nation goes to hell.


  • j r

    American public are now just brain washing and indoctrination centers. If you have school age children and you care about them get out while they still have a functioning mind.

  • My son is in 8th grade in Terrebonne Parish and did not see this BP/NOAA demonstration. He never even heard of it. As a parent, I have not been informed of any such indoctrination, either. By the way, Ghana, what makes you think the parents would be told ahead of time and be able to NOT “allow their child to attend”? You obviously don’t have kids in public school. Lots of “shit” goes on there that disappoints.

  • dr mengle,got twins?

    Goebbels is rolling in his grave right now,and Orwell and the true genius Huxley..how many of you cup cakes know he died the day Kennedy had his brains blown out in Dallas..and that is the day our former republic went down the toilet..and they truly lost me,for all time..911 was just part 2 of their take over plans..who the hell is they????

  • dr mengle,got twins?

    the myth of dispersants..good name for a band…the myth that this was an accident,this was but a 911 environmental attack on all life in the gulf..and the true shit has yet to hit the fan from this..wait another year or 2..things will mutate and the humans will start too die..just like the 911 responders..bet your bush..that animal from texas needs to be taken for a walk.including his master..

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Our president and involved staff were trained and chosen for their obedience qualities and therefore will follow their preset orders and take repercussions out of submissive love for BP, Halliburton and the rest. At this time they are being directed in their destruction of the southeast U.S. and because of the impact of the traitorous CFR television news, are succeeding.
    Most of these people along the coast hunt or fish, many for a living, and with a bit of good luck, they could legally assist the military in bagging those who arranged this mess after they did 9-11. Do your homework, pinheads. It is the same group, and it isn’t Muslims.

  • Canuck

    If this girl is typical of the attitude of Gulf residents than BP has already won. Un-frakin-real.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    She’s not typical, Canuck. We’re not all idiots on the coast. My kid doesn’t attend public indoctrination camp, and, by God’s grace, never will. He knows why he can’t go back to the Gulf. He knows why he can’t eat seafood. And, he knows who caused the mess and who is responsible for covering it up. We are wide awake in Florida. We don’t have oil industry off shore here, see. We are still free to say to H**** with rigs and the companies who own them. Being green didn’t keep us from getting dead, but at least our consciences are clear.

  • T

    NOAA should shut up!!!

  • ghana

    Wrong Bayou Woman,

    I was intelligent enough to quit buying into someone else educating my children; especially the government or a church 10 years ago. Shit only happens to sheeple! If your child still attends public school shame on you… imbicile! We as GOM residents knew this was a potential catastrophe for at least 50 years now! Like my momma always used to say, “Stupid is as stupid does!” This is were greed gets you instead of being real neighbors ad communities and standing up years ago to these murdering phucks! I have been screaming sense high school in the late 70’s and early 80’s that oil would kill all of us through greed! I tried to bring wind turbine electricity to the gulf coast in the early 90’s and got shut down by these SAME phuckers! Your life has been on the verge of extinction the day we as citiizens let them drill their first gulf well! Shut your pie hole you chicken shit, all the answers where there before this and you and the majority of gulf residents just got fatter and dumber while we lost our voices and ethical livelihoods to shit suckers like you and them; because of you… not them!

  • ghana

    “and communities”

    got confused on her lack thereof (sense)

  • “Sheeple?”

    Did someone mention the “S” word?

    Well, I’ll be sheered and go to Corexit hell.

    Ask and ye shall receive…



    all the way to your graves.

  • Rick

    It appears there are no moderators to see that people don’t abuse each other, rather than those who actually deserve it-You may be smart, & you may care about your children,Ghana, but if you teach them to act like you,they will calling others names, instead of the whole lying Obamassiah crew-Good work!

  • EVERY ONE KNOWS, that Corexit IS TOXIC!!!
    But. did YOU know, that the Morgellons Dis-Ease, is “MAN MADE”?!?


  • bob

    Hey Ghana,

    Stop fighting each other and fight the real evil; the multinational corporations that are attempting to control everything

    ha ha…you are knocking education
    and by the way you spell, it’s apparent you missed your education along the way, You’d be happy if everyone had backwoods grammar like you?

    by the way, all the lady was saying is that her kid didn’t tell her about it and didn’t hear about it at school.

    Everybody knows BP sucks and it sure looks like our govt. is owned by the multinational corporations, (a definition of fascism).

    Stop fighting each other and fight the real evil; the multinational corporations that would love to divide and separate us. Together we fight them, divided we fall!
    I say fight, I’ll fight till I’m 6 feet under, so stop complaining and do something about it. Our very lives are at stake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    All part of the plan to divide a nation and destroyed from with in brain wash the kids so they grow up to be nice obedient slaves who never think or question the powers that over see everything very Orwellian society we are growing in to . cameras everywhere naked body scanners brain washed kids .Next they will be telling the kids to go home and watch what their parents say and turn them in if they speak out against the over lords Bp / Government . Its all part of the people reduction plan NWO Mark of the beast. Welcome to the future of America please look in to the light well we demoralizers your brain. Thank you have a good day you are everything we have come to believe created by a society of Young parents substandard public education and the dumbing down as to the understanding that you are now under our control this message was brought to you by the letters BP.

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