BP event promoting ‘safe’ seafood uses crab from MARYLAND and shrimp CAUGHT BEFORE DISASTER — Staff concerned over “longterm effects” of oil (VIDEO)

BP Seafood Snafu, WKRG, October 12, 2010:

BP’s media event to show Gulf seafood is safe may do little quash concerns of those who are skeptical. … In an effort to show Gulf seafood is safe, Chief Operating Officer Mike Utsler enjoyed a seafood spread from the Lighthouse Restaurant in Bayou La Batre. …

When News Five asked the restaurant where today’s lunch came from we found out it isn’t exactly what BP had promoted.

The crab claws, which were bought from a local distributor, were shipped in from Baltimore, Maryland. The mullet was caught in Florida. The oysters came from Texas and Florida. And, the shrimp, though it is local, was caught before the oil spill, then frozen and served up daily.

“Nobody knows what the long term effects are going to be,” said a waitress at the restaurant. “If you have stuff that’s from before the spill you know it’s good or as good as it ever was, so that’s what you’d want to be eating,” she said.

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10 comments to BP event promoting ‘safe’ seafood uses crab from MARYLAND and shrimp CAUGHT BEFORE DISASTER — Staff concerned over “longterm effects” of oil (VIDEO)

  • Jean

    My first impression was to laugh when I saw this. Ha, ha, someone caught BP spreading more BS. But this really isn’t funny; it’s another example of how BP thinks they can so easily deceive people with their false advertising and propaganda.

  • premurderedGOM

    It IS easy to deceive people, and sad. Our Pavlov inspired education system has produced gullible consumer based idiots. Notice the apathy concering the GOM incident? That is created. It is very different in other countries. People, for the most part care about what’s happening around them. The ‘old’ countries can teach us a lot. Look at Greece for instance. The young people know they have no future, so they take to the streets. In Hungary, the man that was responsible for the toxic sludge spill HAS BEEN ARRESTED. Spain is in a rage over food inflation. Where is our rage over the deliberate ecocide/genocide in the Gulf? I’ll tell you. It’s in cell phones, flat screens, sports bars, malls and anything that fuels avoidance of reality. http://www.theamericansheeple.com

  • TSGordon

    “Let THEM Eat Shrimp!”

  • Spot on analysis Premurdered GOM.

  • Canuck

    @ premurderedGOM

    Isn’t that typical though eh? The Hungarian responisible for the toxic sludge spill has been arrested and Tony Hayward gets a £12m golden parachute.

    And you’re right on everything else too, the apathy is a deliberately created response.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    A lot of us aren’t apathetic, we just aren’t able to really make a stink. I mean I can go out and wave a sign around on a busy beach streetcorner in Destin, FL, and yell obscenities at BP and their US and FL governmental collaborators, but that won’t do any good–it will just get me jailed and talked about in the local media as a stupid crank. We need a mass movement of the awake down here. I don’t see any way to get that “critical mass” going, though. If Kendra Arnesen isn’t able to stir up people even in her neck of the woods, what chance does one “lone loudmouthed redneck” have here?

  • Jean

    There aren’t many people who care. I’ve heard: “I don’t care, I don’t go to the beach.” “It’s over, why are you still worrying about it?” “The oil never came this far east anyway.” It’s very hard, when everyone is against me (including my employer–the State of Florida) and thinks I’m crazy to be so obsessed with the consequences of this disaster.

  • I’m not saying — just thinking, that it would be so easy for the government to shut us up, before we even begin to go ‘attention getting vociferous.’

    Flouride is a mind-numbing, IQ reducing, cancer causing substance that we all take willingly: Toothpaste and water. Over the past two years, all of us have heard that the pharmaceutical industry will put Prozac in our water; how many of us have spoken to our local representatives about this unconstitutional action? And, why would the thought of doing so have occurred to them?

    And the psychops: Jean said, [It’s very hard, when everyone is against me … and thinks I’m crazy to be so obsessed with the consequences of this disaster.”]

  • Before you believe this “Radio Personality”, see what his real interest in OIL is.

  • Mr. Jones,

    His family worked in the oil fields, you know, they were just hired help. Now git along, skat — skat — skat… Don’t make me have to git my broom.

    You embellish rumors and probably live in a world-of-make-believe. So, git along. Skat!!!

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