“BP is going to come back from this” says member of Obama’s commission investigating oil disaster

BP’s spill costs look manageable, Independent Online, December, 29 2010:

“It could have been a lot worse,” says Tyler Priest, a University of Houston petroleum historian who serves on President Obama’s oil spill investigation committee. “BP is going to come back from this.”

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  • uncomfortablynumb

    Quote:BP will survive the worst oil spill in U.S. history for several key reasons: it has little debt; its global businesses are forecast to generate $26 billion next year in cash flow from operations; the environmental impact of the spill isn’t as bad as feared; and the government seems unlikely to ban BP from Gulf drilling. To bolster its finances, BP has cut its dividend, issued debt and sold more than $21 billion in assets.

    “It could have been a lot worse,” says Tyler Priest, a University of Houston petroleum historian who serves on President Obama’s oil spill investigation committee. “BP is going to come back from this.” End of Quote.

    All this at the expense of Gulf Coast residents filing claims and being nickel and dimed on reimbursements…if any.

    And B.S. on the environmental impact statement.

  • jec

    SURE! Since BP controlled access to the Gulf of Mexico, it will be hard to prove any crimes or damages. What is sad, the US government, under a “national security” blanket, also prevented scientists from collecting samples. Now, I am not a rocket scientist..but without any legal proof, BP will just be able to walk away–with the assistance of our government! Would be good to have the below questions answered:
    1.Why is the government (EPA/FDA) not testing for PAHs in a meaningful scientific way? The testing seems to be done to PROVE that everything is JUST FINE, and not to discover IF danger exists?
    2. Why was the collection of independent scientific samples considered –under National Security–illegal? And samples removed, where are they?
    3. PAH causes damage to HUMAN organs, not just the environment. Why aren’t humans(ie. our US citizens living in the GOM) given the same level of medical and environmental assistance as animals? They are going to be more endangered than the sealife.

  • uncomfortablynumb:

    BP’s stock at the outset was worth $60.48 [April 20, 2010].

    BP’s stock was worth $27.02 [June 25, 2010].

    Presently BP’s stock has climbed to $44.11.

    Yep! BP’s doing just fine: GOM is dead, millions of people are sick, many people may d*e, many have lost their lifestyle and ability to earn a reasonable living, families are splitting, people are being drugged with psychotrophic drugs [more poisons], but few are aware of their present limitations.

    The worst news yet is that the price of oil is on its way to $150.00 per barrel.
    Yes. BP is doing well.

    How are you doing?

  • jec:

    I’d like to add a question and that is…

    Why was corexit not mentioned in this article that concerns BP’s recovery from its liabilities and loss?

  • There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.Keep working ,great job!

  • uncomfortablynumb


    The stocks of my body are $1.298/share @ 1 and 1/2 shares.

    Sad is the situation of the Gulf Coast area.
    Sad also is the fact that neither my family nor other people in this area that I live seem to be very concerned.
    (Out of sight=Out of mind)

    Let’s hope our military and law enforcement wakes up and “if nothing else” starts choosing sides.

  • the BS is not just on BP...

    I’m also unnerved to watch ABC TV doing an outright smear-job on Julian Assaunge. Ha! They even criticized his tendency to change his hair-style!-? How dare he???? Hard news, there. And the Swedish “surprise sex” charges?..that’s pretty dubious.
    Meanwhile, former VP CHENEY was about to be extradicted and prosecuted on multiple real criminal charges this month, not some bad PR job…but, there’s precious little mainstream US coverage?? Dag, Cheney could shoot someone and get good press! (oh, yeah, he did!)
    All I can say is that the Wikileaks guy must have a major load of hot info to put out….and he’s upstaging the media BS. He could blow a hole in many cover-ups!…

  • the BS is not just on BP...

    To add, “BIG OILMAN” Cheney. Pardon me! Whew, don’t follow the dots between the US fiscal mess, Iraq, Halliburton, and the BP disaster…it’s a little TOO obvious.

  • xdrfox

    Intelligent life found !

  • Billy Dale

    This gulf disaster was allowed to happen.
    The government is on BP’s side. The gulf was given over to the powerful evil oil cartel in exchange for bailing out our imploding economy. There’s the collateral.

  • soozla

    The oil industry and government have been in bed together a long time. The people assumed that the government would defend them against their “bed partner”?
    Actually I did too, for awhile, as the government is aware of the situation–ALL of it!…. the condition of the water, state of the wildlife,air quality, the financial struggle of the people.They have to know.. they are hiding the truth very well. If the government was not complicit, it could legally take BP for everthing it has. Lol… the people could sue the goverment for everything it has—and that can’t happen. So.. our own military are working for and defending BP against the people. Now we do BP’s bidding –our government acts like a whore.

  • premurderedGOM

    they can all drop dead…….

  • Billy Dale:

    Has our economy been bailed out yet?

  • xdrfox


    Thats what they are thinking about the people in the GOM.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    You people saying that your traitorous fed government must defend you while you sit have become your own prisoners but no one elses. If you GOM citizens are the first Americans to accept your own slaughter, you are setting a bad precident.
    The invading entity found the weakest spot in the wall. The CFR media found the other. Your minds.

  • soozla

    Speaking of “bed partners”–
    And where are the local working men? Standing on the sidewalk waiting for what’s due them,while their families are home hungry.

  • Great. So many blogs like yours cover subjects that aren’t found in magazines. I don’t know how we got by 15 years ago with just newspapers and magazines.

  • Chelsea

    I just do not get how they can say that it’s hard to prove there were no “crimes” committed when you can LOOK AT PHOTOS of the coast guard vessels trying to put out the rig fire and it’s CLEAR AS DAY that there is an oil slick underneath the rig ON FIRE as well! THAT in of itself is the crime! BP claimed they “didn’t know” if there was any oil blowout for nearly a week when the evidence was right there in the flyover photos! ANYONE WITH EYESIGHT can see the slick forming while they were still there battling the fire in the first place!!! DUH!!!!!

  • Chelsea:

    You need to see the beautiful photo’s that xdrfox has shared with us: It’s a history of BP’s negligence.

    Also, the oil is still coming up from the seabed: Through the fractured rock shelves, around the wellbore, along quake ridges, and through any earthen blemish that has a portal for the oil to escape –and, don’t forget the methane.

    Someone misled you if they told you that “BP claimed they didn’t know if there was any oil blowout for nearly a week…”

  • Chelsea

    “Someone misled you if they told you that “BP claimed they didn’t know if there was any oil blowout for nearly a week…””

    Yes, that would be the mass media quote and the quote from the government (specifically, Thad).

  • Chelsea

    And I would liked to see those photos if I could, please. 🙁 Sorry I haven’t been around the board often lately. I’ve been in and out of the hospital, and was admitted until Dec. 22nd. Then I came home and slept and am just now getting my bearings straight again.

  • Gracias por corregir el error Albertx, ya esta listo, si era lib no ib, corregido 🙂

    Un horror de tipeo.

  • AZ Patriot

    Please don’t misunderstand my question…..but where is your fishermans militia? why haven’t a squad of you gone and arrested BP and Fed officials and charged them with falsifying records and denying the GOM citizens their god given right to live free from fear and corporate pollution?…it just makes me think we all are to afraid to stand up and do something..Jesse Ventura’s show on the gulf was motre than likley spot on and the criminal government we have in washington dc is complicent along with BP and the Crown in england in allowing things to happen ,lets not forget bush/cheney either ,either you all accept the fact the government wants you out of there,or you stand up and actually fight,or just roll over and die…We are truly sheep ,afraid that the almighty uncle sugar will cut us off the government dole which we pay for anyways..and the military and cops will have to choose sides ..hopefully they will realize money is not everything…
    god bless us all

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