BP immediately hiring 300 oil cleanup workers in Florida Keys; Must be ready to report for duty within 12 to 18 hours

Local oil spill responders sought, Key West Citizen (Subscription), July 6, 2010:

BP and Florida oil response officials want to establish a group of 300 trained people in the Florida Keys to perform shoreline cleanup activities if oil ever reaches the area. … The Florida Peninsula Command Post said the workers, called “qualified community responders,” will be trained for tasks including shoveling debris, cleaning rocks, operating front-end loaders and power washers. ..

The crew will be split throughout the Keys, with 100 in the Upper Keys, 100 in the Middle Keys and 100 in the Lower Keys. … There will be a focus on recruiting people who are currently receiving unemployment benefits. … Crew members must be ready to report for duty within a 12-to 18-hour window of notification. …

The plan came out of discussions between BP, the Coast Guard, Monroe County emergency management officials and other government agencies, which have been reviewing contingency response plans.

Another report states an employment agency is informing qualified individuals of a meeting for prospective cleanup workers at the Holiday Inn in Key Largo on July 8 at 7am.

5 comments to BP immediately hiring 300 oil cleanup workers in Florida Keys; Must be ready to report for duty within 12 to 18 hours


    will travel to any location to do oil clean up

  • will travel anywhere to help cleanup oil spill

  • many across this country need work, so if there is a position that needs to be filled i will work. i have been out of steady work for 2 years, not because of not lookin but no jobs. i need work not unemployment checks. i will go were a smart hard worker is needed.

  • California Toast

    Might as well send em along to Japan too. Suicide here, suicide there, don’t really matter any more. Given our global triage situation now, sending 600,000 unemployed Americans in a Chernobly like effort to Japan seems like a fine idea. And really, since good ol “we bring things to living” GE built 6 reactors on the WRONG side of Japan in the nation that gave us the word tsunami, it seems like the least we can do.

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