BP officials “scrambling” — Considering “a logo change” (VIDEO)

Since the Deepwater Horizon explosion, at least four BP gas stations in Baldwin County have changed names and fuel distributors, WKRG, October 18, 2010:

At least four BP gas stations have switched fuel distributors and changed names this summer…and the oil spill in the Gulf could be part of the reason. In Summerdale, Foley and Orange Beach, BP stations are now carrying the Shell logo. …

BP officials are scrambling to keep more stations from changing names and gas providers. In Washington this week, company executives are meeting with owners and fuel providers to find a way to stop BP owners from defecting. A few ideas include a logo change and offering incentives to station owners who don’t defect.

Unable to embed video, watch here.

3 comments to BP officials “scrambling” — Considering “a logo change” (VIDEO)

  • Albert Trimble

    BP’s new logo should be a crystal clear drop of water surrounded by a circle of words:

    what? we didn’t do nothin’!

    Sad thing is, if they change their logo, most americans won’t make the connection.

  • premurderedGOM

    They only have to change the color to red, white, and blue. They are in charge of US soil/water now right?

  • Malaria_Kidd

    No logo would be better. Before long they will need a money forest to pay long drawn out health claims. The BP lawyers will hit their own gushers!

    Why is there still a news black out? This pc passes your FOSL links to UK/BBC websites, Fox News? & CNN News? We can be sure you all do that too! Keep it up!

    Black BP/US gov ops win again!

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