“BP oil spill: Colombian farmers sue for negligence” — Poisoned water, crop failures, livestock die-off

BP oil spill: Colombian farmers sue for negligence, Guardian, January 11, 2011:

Farmers claim BP breached a duty of care which lead to poisoned water, caused crops to fail and livestock to die…

The case comes at the worst possible time for BP as it deals with the fallout from the new report into the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the shutdown of the Trans-Alaska pipeline on Saturday after a leak.

6 comments to “BP oil spill: Colombian farmers sue for negligence” — Poisoned water, crop failures, livestock die-off

  • BP is super busy in it’s attempt to dance through the judicial system unscathed. I am not familiar with the 90’s poisoning of Columbia, but I do recall that BP and their cohorts [military] acturally bombed parts of Columbia in order to force the population to move.

    This was about 4 years ago, and I’m certain that the people did relocate. How is it that BP gets away with these crimes, and continue to use oil as the weapon?

    With blessings from the world’s ‘shadow government” IMHO.

  • Colombia is such a terrorist state (against its own people) that BP will surely get away unscathed in this particular case. Thousands get killed every year in Colombia because of rising their voices (60% labor unionists killed in the World are Colombians), many other thousands have been exterminated or forced to emigrate just to give their lands to Chiquita and other multinational corporations.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    The US Government ran an anti-drugs coco and mj aerial crop spraying operation in Columbia in the ’90s–using Dyncorp contractors to poison the peasants and their crops. It wasn’t just the Medellin cartel killing the locals in Columbia…. So nothing that BP did could surprise me when the US government was hell bent on eradication of the…..oh, of the drugs, right, right, yeah, that was it, eradication of the drugs… This is the same Dyncorp that was caught sex trafficking with (drumroll, please) Halliburton in the former Yugoslavia after bombing the bejesus out of the Serbs. What a tangled web they weave….

  • I got into this article which surprises me since this isn’t one of my interests. You did such a good job of presenting your facts that I couldn’t stop reading.

  • most of the water is polluted they have right to sue them because we have to take care unpolluted water to avoid problem specially if that water is been used for people that live there.

  • Maybe there was some kind of poison in the fireworks… – just sayin…

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