BP oil spill incident commander dies in plane crash

BP oil spill incident commander dies in small plane crash, Times Picayune, November 24, 2010:

Jim Black, a BP incident commander for the company’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill response team, died in a small plane crash near Destin, Fla., on Tuesday night, the company confirmed. …

Black[‘s]… job at the oil giant was director of operations for the Gulf Coast Restoration Organization…

14 comments to BP oil spill incident commander dies in plane crash

  • Daniel Hughes

    So, what? Was he ready to tell the truth about the GOM at last? Was he “Matt Simmons-ed”?

    Maybe a plane crash is just a plane crash, but these days, who can tell?

  • Oh, my goodness! What a sourpuss. You sound just like a man who’s been scatted from the table before he’s had enough of the delicious offerings. So, get on back to the table and that turkey, and eat until you can’t swallow another morsel. And then, follow it up with pumpkin pie and a mound of ice cream.

    By the time you’re finished, the ‘sand man’ will have stopped by to put you to bed — tucked in as cozy as a child on Christmas eve.

    Your dear mate is tired; she needs respite from having cooked over a hot stove all day long. And, the sooner you’re out-from-under-foot, I feel the happier she’ll be too. Hahaha.

  • Your Peg Leg Gram-mammy

    I seriously doubt it was an accident.

  • Are you gram positive or gram negative?

  • premurderedGOM

    Destin, land of the rich. The have and have mores. Soooo, BP is helping the fuking rich restore whatever. I was out there last week, lots of green algae. No, tons of green algae.

  • I posted a list of over 300 scientists who have died under mysterious circumstances then another list of politicians who died ‘accidentally’. One of the female scientists – had been one of the few female astronauts is in a coma. The official story was she attempted suicide despite all friends n family saying she was not in that frame of mind. She had been working in Pasteur Institute on Human.Alien DNA. The Institute burned down after her ‘attempted suicide’. This guy is just a comma in the middle of a long sentence.

  • soozla

    Margi, where did u post the list? is it in the forum some where?
    They have another shill in mind already -wanta bet?

  • Margi Bingley: Please repost the link to your list if you can; I would love to see it because I know what you say is true, but I just didn’t know the ‘powers-that-be’ have been so prolofic in murder. Most of those I read about were all involved in the biological sciences [genetics, microbiology….].

  • patty t., alabama

    Margi-I would like to see the list also.
    This ‘plane crash’ story is–predictable, IMHO.

  • C.Dodds

    Mmm! Maybe. Suspicions seem justified when deaths occur more than would be expected by chance, especially if related to a situation like this. Can anyone answer these questions?
    What was the plane doing when it crashed?
    What caused it to crash?
    Who else was in it?
    Were any other passengers related to the BP situation?
    What connections did they have with the incident commander?

  • C.Dodds: I wasn’t expecting your question so I can’t answer the questions except by memory — read days ago, and have read alot of articles since. But here goes…

    Who else…? His sister [died], 2 others [dead] pilot, 1/2 BP? Yes. Incident Commander?

    Oh dear! Please go to the article posted on this site, then go to the full article. After that glance through all article listings for more information. I believe one of those was a Washington Post article and the information you want is in there. Good luck on finding it.

  • xdrfox

    I posted an article and links to this on the morning of release, this also links to a news broadcast. … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/281/006/BP_Oil_Spill_Incident_Commander_Dies_in_Small_Plane_Crash_NEWS_VIDEO.html

  • FishHeadfromFL

    The plane went into Choctawhatchee bay at full throtle–in a heavy fog. The guy was overconfident for his hours and flew when conditions should have sent him to his prefiled alternate… As for Destin being the “land of the rich”–ballocks. It’s served by legions of workers from the “land of the poor” from north of I-10 in Walton and Okaloosa counties. Most of those grinning housekeeping staff, cashiers and waitresses are making minimum and living in trailers. The idle rich are the (reatively few by comparison) visitors/condo owners. The rest are grunts. Take if from a former grunt.

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