BP Policy: “Only paying realty claims for homes ONE block from beach”

BP only paying realty claims for homes one block from beach, Northwest Florida Daily News, July 9, 2010:

In the three-county area, the number of pending home sales dropped from 585 in June ‘09 to 353 in June of this year and many local realtors have filed claims with BP.

Liz Castro, a spokesperson with BP… made a point during the town hall meeting to say that no claim has been denied. However, no local Realtor has received a payment from BP for lost revenues due to a pending home sell canceled by the spill.

BP’s current policy, which drew a lot of ire from the crowd, is to only pay claims to realtors on failed property sales blamed on the oil spill if the property is within one block of the beach, Castro said. …

“We just want to be treated fairly,” said local Realtor Dale Peterson.

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