Eat it Gulf Coast: BP says “It’s SAFE for YOUR KIDS to get SAND in their MOUTH” from beaches near where EXPLOSIVE sample was collected (VIDEO)

Also near beach where test results found sand with almost 300 ppm oil

Dauphin Island Still Faces Struggle, WKRG, September  20, 2010:

Transcript Excerpt

“It is safe to eat, it’s safe to swim, it’s safe to play, it’s safe for your kids to get sand in their mouth, we’ve got it being tested and thoroughly worked over and that’s the next phase is to get the confidence restored for the Nation to come on back down here and get back to the beach,” said BP Spokesman, Ray Melick.

Original WKRG report at bottom of post (Warning: Severe audio difficulties)

According to WKRG, test results from mid-July of Alabama beach sand included:

Gulf Shores, Alabama sand at 211 parts per million.

Another sample was a spot in Orange Beach, where again, we found kids playing. and we found our highest content of oil and petroleum. 221 parts per million. …

When [Chemist Bob] Naman added an organic solvent to separate the oil from the water [collected at Dauphin Island Marina, near some boom], just like he did with all the other samples, this sample exploded right in his lab. “It was almost instantaneous. Actually, maybe one second. that’s just weird.” The result surprised even our chemist.

WKRG also tested sand in August and found:

Gulf Shores, AL sand tests the highest of any testing done by WKRG since oil disaster: 281 parts per million. … News

5 comments to Eat it Gulf Coast: BP says “It’s SAFE for YOUR KIDS to get SAND in their MOUTH” from beaches near where EXPLOSIVE sample was collected (VIDEO)

  • Mark

    this makes me really angry because stupid people will believe this idiot and go swim and ignore using their brains. look lets put the facts out there the real facts! The water is polluted with toxic oil, and a hole slew of other things not to mention over 40 million gallons of corexit 9500 and 7 or 8 other chemicals they used. Yet this guy says go swim eat the sand let your kids do it. I say you first Buddy take your family and go eat the sand and swim in the water eat the fish that are dieing everywhere then come back in a year and tell me how you are feeling you evil BP monster. You belong in Jail!!!!!


    It’s (in their mind) eugenics using mass deception. Eliminating useless eaters in the name of coverup and lies and mass british poison with the help of treasonous masonic leachers – some with fancy titles like prez

  • One day later this news came out where sand at Southwest Florida beach was tested where the lab results showed toxic levels of sand 173 ppm oil.

    US government is backing this BP lie to the full extent.

    Disgusting. Bye bye Democracy Hello Tyranny.

  • Sheepleherder

    Do not worry sheeple the sand is good for you.

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