BP turns out the lights as ‘BOP Monitoring’ shows largest leaks yet (VIDEO)

Skandi Neptune ROV 1 August 4, 2010 at 3:15 a.m. EDT:

6 comments to BP turns out the lights as ‘BOP Monitoring’ shows largest leaks yet (VIDEO)

  • James Summers, ex-patriot

    BP has deliberately and openly seen to it that their Gulf of Mexico leak will never stop. Neither will their lying about it. And the American sheeple will continue to sleep through it all. Snooze-snooze, snore-snore. Americans, hide your face!

  • Joe

    In all fairness, how do we know this is not from them pumping the cement and is actually normal during that process? I think the title of your post is a little misleading. Having said that, I know BP has been full of crap since day one and has been lying since day one so I will not hold my breath on this static kill crap.

  • JonJanderson

    It looks like a Optical illusion, BP has assured us that the Oil Leak is fixed, and that the oil is no longer present in the Gulf.

  • Greenlink

    This is film footage of well A. Well B is the one that blew. That’s how they are lying to you. Look it up for yourselves.

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