BP “using caution” about saying the tests are “going well”; “I think it’s going to blow a leak somewhere else”

Caution is watchword as officials continue tests searching for leaks, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans), July 18, 2010:

“Caution” was the watchword Saturday for BP and federal officials searching for signs of leaks… Caution before saying that bubbles percolating from one of the well’s casings aren’t a sign of deeper problems.

And caution even about saying that, so far, the tests seem to be going well. “The best way to say it is that there’s no evidence that we don’t have integrity” in the now closed-in well, BP Vice President Kent Wells said.  …

It was hardly the definitive declaration of victory many residents were hoping for…

“I don’t think it’s going to work,” said retired oil worker Pete Ronquille of Lafitte. “I think it’s going to blow a leak somewhere else and we’re going to have more trouble.” Reuben Blanchard, an oil rig worker from Raceland, also questioned the cap’s effectiveness. And he wondered why it took so long for this method to be tested. “They could’ve done this before and they’re doing this now?” he said.

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